AESNYC07: Cakewalk Releases SONAR 7 Academic Editions

US Academic Editions include an extra SONAR Music Projects CD-ROM designed by top educators      16/10/07

AESNYC07: Cakewalk Releases SONAR 7 Academic Editions

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Cakewalk has announced the release of Academic versions of SONAR 7 Producer Edition and SONAR 7 Studio Edition.
Cakewalk say that SONAR's intuitive interface and extensive feature set makes it an ideal music and audio production tool for students of all ages and that, with the Academic Edition, they have made SONAR's educational value even more powerful by including an additional CD-ROM featuring SONAR Music Projects. This set of classroom materials provides educators all the tools they need for introducing students to SONAR and helping them develop valuable musical and technical skills. Some projects focus on specific musical elements, while others provide opportunity to apply skills and knowledge in a more creative context, using different concepts to stimulate ideas.
SONAR Music Projects
The Academic Editions of SONAR 7 include SONAR Music Projects on an additional CD-ROM at no additional charge. Developed for use with secondary and high school music classes, the 10 projects introduce some of SONAR's easy-to-use features and help students develop a range of musical and technical skills including:
  • Listening and analyzing
  • Composing and developing melodic ideas
  • Achieving rhythmic and textural contrasts through use of patterns and loops
  • Exploring and manipulating sounds
  • Creating musical variation
  • Developing formal structures
  • Arranging, editing and refining recorded material
  • Achieving dynamic contrasts
  • Understanding basic mixing parameters and exploring the use of effects
  • Composing music to a given brief
  • Producing a video soundtrack
  • And much more
SONAR Music Projects include:
  • Teacher notes, student project sheets and SONAR files
  • SONAR Skills Guide for easy reference
  • Audio content for instant results
Pricing and Availability:
SONAR 7 Producer Edition Academic has a manufacturer's Academic suggested retail price (ASRP) of $539 ($399 street) U.S., SONAR 7 Studio Edition Academic (ASRP) is $269 U.S. ($199 street) and both are now shipping. Registered SONAR 6 Producer Edition Academic customers can upgrade to SONAR 7 Producer Academic Edition directly through Cakewalk for $179; SONAR 6 Studio Edition Academic to SONAR 7 Studio Edition Academic for $99. Other upgrade paths are available.
SONAR 7 Producer Edition Academic and SONAR 7 Studio Edition Academic software is available in English, French, and German boxed versions with printed documentation; English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish electronic quick start guides are contained in all versions. SONAR 7 is available through Roland and Edirol distribution partners.
Europe's suggested street price for SONAR 7 Producer Edition Academic and SONAR 7 Studio Edition are €369 and €189 RRP inc VAT respectively; U.K. pricing is £249 and £129 RRP inc VAT respectively; and will be available mid-October 2007.
The Academic Editions of SONAR are also available as lab packs for multi-install institutions.
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