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GB Digidesign unveils Pro Tools 7.4 Software with new Elastic Time feature and improved Avid interoperability      09/10/07

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Digidesign have unveiled the latest release of its industry-standard Pro Tools software. Pro Tools 7.4 offers numerous new music and post-production features and workflow enhancements for Pro Tools|HD, Pro Tools LE, and Pro Tools M-Powered users. Topping the list is a powerful, multifaceted new music composition and production tool called Elastic Time. The software also provides improved networking compatibility with Avid Unity ISIS shared storage systems and new support for HD video workflows.
Gannon Kashiwa, market manager for Digidesign’s professional products told us, “With Pro Tools 7.4, we’re delivering some powerful new tools for both music and post production. Our new Elastic Time functionality provides a revolutionary new way to manipulate the timing of audio events in Pro Tools—all in real time while maintaining the class-leading sound quality that our users have come to expect. Elastic Time is as easy to use as it is deep and flexible. It goes way beyond simple loop and tempo conforming, and delivers extremely powerful time-based tools that sound absolutely fantastic.
Pro Tools integration with Avid-based post-production workflows is truly coming of age with Pro Tools 7.4. With support for Avid Mojo SDI on Pro Tools LE systems, independent engineers and commercial facilities now have access to affordable, professional solutions for desktop post production that seamlessly integrate industry-standard Avid video. And for facilities relying on Avid-based workflows, Pro Tools HD 7.4 takes interoperability to the next level with direct media streaming to and from Avid Unity ISIS shared storage networks on Windows XP-based systems. Finally, the new Avid Media Station|PT software with Video Satellite Option completes the picture with exciting new ways to work with Avid video.�

Pro Tools 7.4 Software Features
  • Elastic Time
    Elastic Time allows users to easily change the tempo and timing of loops, music, dialogue, and other sound files in real time without cutting up audio tracks. Users can now easily audition or import loops and audio files that instantly sync with a session’s tempo. Users can also use the Elastic Time feature to quantise audio to the session grid or extracted grooves, and fine-tune regions with precision control over each individual beat.
  • Avid Media Station|PT 2.7 Software with Video Satellite Option
    Running on a separate computer, new Avid® Media Station|PT 2.7 software coupled with the new Video Satellite Option brings Pro Tools more deeply into the Avid workflow by enabling Pro Tools editors to quickly and easily play Avid video sequences in sync with Pro Tools|HD. The Video Satellite Option eliminates time-consuming video exports and removes all video-processing burdens from the Pro Tools|HD system by synchronising playback with Media Station|PT on a separate, dedicated computer.
  • Avid ISIS Streaming
    Avid Unity ISIS offers the most scalable shared storage option for large, integrated post environments. With Pro Tools HD 7.4 software on Windows XP systems, editors can record and play back audio and video directly from qualified Avid ISIS shared storage systems.
Pricing and Availability:
Pro Tools 7.4 software will be available in late 2007 for Windows XP- and Mac OS X (Tiger)-based Pro Tools|HD systems as well as Windows XP-, Windows Vista- and Mac OS X (Tiger)-based Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered. Expanded Windows Vista and OS X (Leopard) support will be announced later.
Customers who have purchased a new Pro Tools system or upgrade within one month prior to the release of Pro Tools 7.4 will be eligible for a free software upgrade. Customers purchasing new systems with old software will also be eligible for the free upgrade. Upgrades will be available through the DigiStore as well as through authorised Digidesign dealers.
Pro Tools HD: $199 standard upgrade; $79 upgrade from Pro Tools HD 7.3 Pro Tools LE/M-Powered: $75 standard upgrade; $49 upgrade from Pro Tools LE/M-Powered 7.3 (UK or Euro pricing not available at time of going to press)
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