Reason Tested By Pros

Propellerheads invite artists to put new features to the test      23/09/07

Reason Tested By Pros

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Well, we have our own video preview of Reason 4 but, with the Reason version 4 launch slated for September 26th, Propellerhead surveyed its stable of hardworking veteran Reason users to find out how Reason version 4 stacks up. Did the new features blow them away or help them in their creative flow? Did the new Reason sound fatter and better? Artists jumped at the chance to try out Reason version 4 and provide valuable feedback. The artists involved were: Gosub, Danny McMillan, TurboTito, Arabian Prince, Jeremy Ellis, Mocean Worker, DJ Pierre, and Tommy Hamilton & Keith Tucker of Aux 88.
The transition from Reason 3 to 4 was a snap according to these artists. All were pleased that they were able to get up and running smoothly with virtually no problems. “What transition?� laughs Arabian Prince. “This version is even easier to use than Reason 3, it's like having a Ferrari: fast, precise, and it turns heads when anyone sees or hears it.� “The transition to 4.0 was easy since Reason has based the new features using that same easy logic they started with since Version 1,� adds Gosub. “It took me about 10 minutes of messing about ‘till I started making a song. I learned 90% of the new feature on the fly during the first season. Painless!!� Mocean Worker agrees. “I’ve been onboard since 1.0 and there is always an adjustment from version to version. No software would be worth its weight unless that was the case. Reason version 4 represents the biggest set of challenges to date for experienced Reason users but truth be told, nothing daunting or confusing is going on here. Reason version 4 is still the same intuitive, efficient and wildly musical, weapon of choice for music creation as far as I’m concerned.�
Unanimously, the one favorite new feature in Reason is the Thor polysonic synthesizer module, offering six different oscillator types and four unique filters. “Totally innovative! A rack mount synth that you can program like a drum machine!� says DJ Pierre. Aux 88 continues. “We could not believe how warm and PHAT the sounds were. Every time we play it we discover a new sound from the same instrument by freaking a couple of knobs. This is truly an emulation of the older analog gear we still love to use. Wait until you hear some of the PHAT bass sounds that this thing can make!�
The consensus opinion of Reason versus 4 amongst the artists was overwhelmingly positive. Aux 88 sums it up: “Reason is like having a mobile production studio—a complete rack full of synths, a drum machine, effects, a mixer and a sequencer—all packed into your laptop. Try carrying all of that on a plane or over to your friend’s house. The other thing we love about Reason is that it loads fast and it takes up very little CPU power. For example, during our live performance, we can have eight songs loaded on the screen and ready to go with no audio glitches what so ever. If you are looking for software that is affordable and will give you professional results, then you need to check this one out. We’ll take 2 copies.�
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