Guitar Rig 3 Announced

US Native Instruments digital guitar studio gets a comprehensive upgrade      13/09/07

Guitar Rig 3 Announced

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Native Instruments has announced Guitar Rig 3, the next generation of its digital guitar studio. They tell us that this third version expands on nearly every aspect that sets Guitar Rig apart as the most capable digital guitar solution. It now offers more amps and effects, powerful new live features, a completely reworked tone library complete with improved preset handling, and a redesigned Rig Kontrol pedal board with optimized control and audio interface functionality. Both a Kontrol Edition with foot pedal and a software-only Software Edition of Guitar Rig 3 will be available.
Guitar Rig 3 offers four additional emulations of highly sought-after original guitar amplifiers, all based on Native Instruments' Dynamic Tube Response technology to provide the unique dynamics and full tonal charisma of tube amplification. New amps include the Ultraschall, the Tweed Delight, the Citrus and the Hi-White. A new Matched Cabinet module now also provides a carefully matched combination of cabinet and microphones for every amplifier in Guitar Rig 3, and, say NI, is especially straightforward and effective to set up and tweak.
The effects arsenal of Guitar Rig 3 has also been further expanded with six new effects units, including an analog-modeled emulation of a legendary vintage tape delay. NI say that this outfits Guitar Rig 3 with a powerful arsenal of 12 true-to-life amps as well as 44 stomp boxes and effects, providing an immeasurable sonic variety to guitarists and producers.
The redesigned Rig Kontrol foot pedal included in the Kontrol Edition of Guitar Rig 3 offers immediate and intuitive control of the software at any time. Two additional buttons, integrated signal level indicators and concise button labeling all make sure that Guitar Rig can be controlled hands-free and away from the computer screen. The integrated audio interface has also been upgraded with studio-grade Cirrus Logic converters that provide pristine audio quality for all applications.
To provide guitarists and producers with a rich sonic resource right from the start,NI tell us that Guitar Rig 3 includes a new preset collection with more than 300 production-ready guitar tones that focus on highly playable amp sounds, spanning a wide range of musical eras and styles. Preset handling is more convenient due to the redesigned browser with improved search functions, new ‘bank categories’ and a new snapshot feature that allows guitarists to quickly switch between multiple variations of a tone.
To further accommodate guitarists who take Guitar Rig on stage or to the rehearsal room, the new version also introduces a Live View feature that displays a large-scale full-screen view of the most vital parameters for live use. Preset lists, button and pedal assignments and tuner functions can now all be monitored through the Live View at a glance.
Guitar Rig 3 is also fully compatible with Kore, the advanced host system from Native Instruments.
Pricing and Availability:
Guitar Rig 3 will be available in October as ‘Kontrol Edition’ and ‘Software Edition’ for a suggested retail price of $559 / EUR 499 and $339 / EUR 299 respectively.
Discounted updates and upgrades for existing Guitar Rig owners will also be available.
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