PLASA07: New DJ Software

Numark release Virtual Vinyl 5 and Cue 5      11/09/07

PLASA07: New DJ Software

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Numark have introduced version 5 of Virtual Vinyl, CUE and CUE LE. The new versions of each package include a completely new database system called Database hot-swap, which allows DJs using multiple computers to maintain a single database across all of their computers. Additional features include cover art retrieval, improved database protection, and strong improvements to the Playlist that allow DJs to streamline live performance.
Here’s a description in Numark’s own words…
Numark CUE 5 and CUE LE 5
Numark's club tested, professional–level DJ software and a personal computer are all you need to create the ultimate mix. With Numark CUE, you can monitor mixes through headphones and visually on your computer screen, and output your masterpiece to a club's sound and video system. CUE 5's built–in broadcast functionality enables Internet podcasting.
Every DJ can also be a VJ using CUE 5's built–in video transitions and effects. CUE 5 supports CD+G formats for a quick and easy Karaoke setup. You can mix, scratch, juggle, interchange and sample audio and video files without expensive, bulky hardware.
Version 5 also includes loads of new enhancements including FreeFrame plug-in compatibility, Smart Database management, and a powerful new Global Search function. A detailed, updated feature list is available online and CUE 5 itself is available today through a free, downloadable trial version at the Numark website.
CUE LE 5 is a special bundled version CUE that comes with Numark’s Total Control, DMC2 hardware controllers. Details on the differences between CUE LE and the full CUE can be found online at the Numark website.
Virtual Vinyl 5 is an incredibly reliable DJ hardware and software solution that lets you scratch, mix and sample digital audio and video files using any analog turntable, CD player or HD player. Virtual Vinyl comes complete with Numark's world-class CUE 5 DJ software, a custom USB audio interface, time code CDs and records, and more.
The new version Virtual Vinyl has improved, more robust vinyl tracking and includes CUE 5 DJ software and the following key features:
  • Mix flawlessly with uncompromising vinyl control
  • New, improved timecode engine with new timecode plug-ins
  • Dedicated audio interface included to insure optimal performance and simple setup
  • Mix, scratch and interchange audio or video
  • NEW Smart Database Management – Automatically checks database integrity at launch and fixes errors by cleaning out missing and removed files
  • NEW Global Search – Files are automatically added to a global search database allowing you to quickly find files stored on multiple folders and drives
  • Industry-leading stability and reliability
  • Visual waveform overlay of beats – Increases visual clarity
  • Multiple user interfaces to fit your mixing style
  • Built-in video and audio mixers with multiple video transitions and effects
  • Choose from a variety of built–in effects, add VST plug-ins, and create beat–matched loops and samples on the fly
  • Karaoke player with enhanced CD+G File Detection allows you to easily show all of your karaoke files in a single click
  • Output video to a projector, TV, or monitor
Using a traditional turntable or CD player (sold separately) with the included control vinyl or CDs, Virtual Vinyl 5 provides in–depth features including: master tempo, seamless looping, instant pitch–matching, automatic beat–matching, BPM–aware effects, hot–cues, sampling, and more.
Pricing and Availability:
Virtual Vinyl 5 and CUE 5 are available now from music instrument retailers.
CUE LE 5 is available as a free upgrade for previous owners of CUE LE.
More information:

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