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Korg announce the Creative Kontrol Pack 3 with seven top software titles bundled with their controllers      07/09/07

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Korg have announced the Creative Kontrol Pack 3, a collection of top software titles for use with the KORG microKONTROL, KONTROL49 and padKONTROL. They believe the pack is perfect for dance music creation and performance.
The Creative Kontrol Pack 3 consists of seven of the most in-demand software titles, configured for use with the Korg controllers. All of the software titles now support Intel Mac, and come with new template scenes for controlling them.
Here’s Korg’s own overview of the software:
  • Live Lite 6 Korg Edition
    Live Lite 6 Korg Edition is a special lite edition of Ableton’s Live 6. It allows you to construct music intuitively and in real-time by triggering audio or MIDI loops/phrases from the pads of Korg’s USB-MIDI controllers. Even if the tempos don’t match between the loops/phrases, they will be adjusted automatically, and tapping a pad on the Korg controller can easily control the song’s ‘master’ tempo. Additionally, the Live Lite 6 Korg Edition offers audio/MIDI recording and many editing functions.
    More Ableton Info
  • Reason Adapted 3.0 for KORG
    Reason Adapted 3.0 for KORG is a slim version of Reason 3.0 customized for Korg's USB-MIDI controllers. Since it contains a pre-configured set of sound modules and effects, you can simply start up the software and immediately start turning your ideas into music.
    More Reason Info
  • UVI Korg Edition 2
    UVI Korg Edition 2 is sample playback plug-in software powered by the UVI engine that's featured in the latest plug-in software such as 'PLUGSOUND' from the Ultimate Sound Bank brand. The UVI Korg Edition 2 features mainly drum sounds taken from Ultimate Sound Bank's vast sound library and customized for Korg. It contains a total of 198 preset sounds occupying more than 800 MB, letting you use the sixteen trigger pads of the microKONTROL/ KONTROL49/ padKONTROL to play or record drum performances to your heart's content.
    More Ultimate Sound Bank Info
  • Lounge Lizard Session
    Lounge Lizard Session is for true music makers. Based on the Lounge Lizard EP-3 sound engine, Session delivers authentic electric piano tones with outstanding sound quality, action, and feel. Offering four different types of pianos and a great selection of effects, Lounge Lizard Session is the perfect solution for anyone in need of the legendary Rhodes and Wurlitzer sounds in their arsenal.
    More Lounge Lizard Info
  • Ultra Analog Session
    Ultra Analog Session is a versatile and expressive synthesizer based on a selection of twenty different engine configurations from the acclaimed Ultra Analog VA-1. Ultra Analog Session boasts a comprehensive preset library covering basses, leads, pads, brasses, and strings. In addition, its simple and straightforward interface also lets you sculpt your sound from key synthesis and performance parameters.
    More Ultra Analog Info
  • Pianoteq lite Korg edition
    Pianoteq lite Korg Edition is an introduction to Pianoteq, the starting point of a brand new generation of pianos, offering unique possibilities to make the piano behave and sound just the way you like.
    More Pianoteq Info
  • M1 Le
    The M1 was introduced back in 1988 and went on to become the best selling synthesizer of all time – and defined the workstations category in the process. This software version perfectly reproduces the original M1 while taking advantage of the power and benefits of your computer interface. The M1 Le contains all of the preset sounds and all of the PCM waveforms of the original, and a new browser/search function makes it easy to find that “perfect sound.�
Pricing and Availability:
Free with microKONTROL, KONTROL49 and padKONTROL More information:

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