SNAMM07: MiKo And NeKo Upgrades

Open Labs introduces V4 sound libraries with up to 25GB of premium sounds      30/07/07

SNAMM07: MiKo And NeKo Upgrades

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Open Labs, the leading designer and developer of computer based music production solutions has announced that it will be substantially upgrading the previous software bundles to its MiKo and NeKo keyboard production stations to further enhance the audio quality, choice of sounds and ease of use.
MiKo and NeKo are all-in-one professional studios powered by Windows XP that are capable of running virtually any Windows XP compatible software including a variety of DAW software, virtual nstruments (VSTi), virtual effects (VST) and other music applications. The V4 sound library for the NeKo LX in particular, features E-MU’s new Proteus X2 Streaming Sound Module V2.5 with over 5,500 instruments including the following:
  • E-MUâ„¢ Proteusâ„¢ 2000
  • E-MUâ„¢ Mo’Phattâ„¢
  • E-MUâ„¢ Modular Systemâ„¢
  • ARPâ„¢ 2600â„¢
  • ARPâ„¢ Axxeâ„¢
  • Rolandâ„¢ JD800â„¢
  • Rolandâ„¢ Jupiter 8â„¢
  • Rolandâ„¢ JX-8Pâ„¢
  • Rolandâ„¢ TB-303 Bass Lineâ„¢
  • Rolandâ„¢ Juno 60â„¢
  • Moogâ„¢ Memorymoogâ„¢
  • Miniâ„¢ Moogâ„¢
  • Moogâ„¢ Taurus Pedalsâ„¢
  • Sequential Circuitsâ„¢ Prophet 10â„¢
  • Sequential Circuitsâ„¢ Prophet 600â„¢
  • Elkaâ„¢ Rhapsodyâ„¢
  • Mellotronâ„¢ Mark IIâ„¢
  • Korgâ„¢ MS20â„¢
  • Solinaâ„¢
  • Oberheimâ„¢ OBâ„¢ & Xâ„¢
  • Hammondâ„¢ B3â„¢
  • Rhodesâ„¢ Electric Pianoâ„¢
  • Hohnerâ„¢ Clavinetâ„¢
  • Yamahaâ„¢ CP-70â„¢
  • Wurlitzerâ„¢ Electric Pianoâ„¢
Open Labs tell us that these keyboards represent a value of over $50,000 if the actual keyboards were purchased individually. They say that the 25GB NeKo LX V4 sound library encompasses virtually every sound that an artist would need to compose or perform - The 22,784 high quality presets greatly exceeds the capacity of any other keyboard workstation available. President of Open Labs, Victor Wong had this to say, “Given the fact that we have by far the most powerful processors as well as the ability to install up to 4 terabytes of storage in the NeKo LX currently, we are able to do things that are simply not possible with any other keyboard workstation, but then the NeKo LX is really a replacement for an entire studio and not just a part of one.�
E-MU Senior Product Manager, Ichi Nagai, told us, “E-MU is excited to provide the core instrument of Open Labs’ powerful NeKo and MiKo keyboard production stations. The quality and performance of these systems really allows users to get the most out of Proteus X2, both live and in the studio.�
Pricing and Availability:
The street price for the bundled software and sound libraries is $3,003, which includes $487 worth of Open Labs Special Edition plugins, optimized by the software developers for use with the NeKo LX.
Similar upgrades are available for other products from Open Labs including: NeKo SE, MiKo SE, MiKo LX and the new Timbaland Special Edition MiKo.
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