SNAMM07: Wireless MIDI Keyboards Available

CME ships the UF series master keyboards      27/07/07

SNAMM07: Wireless MIDI Keyboards Available
Top Of The Range UF60

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We brought you advance news of the CME UF master keyboards from the winter NAMM show and now the company tell us that they are shipping.
The UF 50/60/70/80 range from 49 to 88 keys with semi-weighted and hammer action weighted keys and also feature the world’s first keyboard with build-in duplex wireless MIDI system and optional multifunctional expansion board. Here’s the details directly from CME:
  • The world’s first master keyboard with duplex wireless MIDI system
  • The world’s first master keyboard with multifunctional expansion board
  • Professional after-touch and breath control interface design
  • Superior classic metallic panel
  • 49-, 61-, or 76-key semi-weighted action keyboard with aftertouch (UF50 / 60 / 70)
  • 88-key hammer-action weighted keyboard with aftertouch (UF80)
  • Built-in duplex wireless MIDI interface
  • Over 20 user template, non-volatile memories
  • Pitch bend and modulation wheels
  • 8 assignable control knobs, preset functions including Cutoff / Resonance / Attack / Release / PAN / Reverb / Chorus / Variation
  • 9 assignable control faders, preset functions including volume for 1-16 channels and master volume, and drawbar for organ sounds.
  • LED data display, control button including program, transpose, octave, channel, keyboard split.
  • 6 assignable shortcut knobs
  • 6 sequencer remote buttons, including REC, PLAY, STOP, FAST REWIND, REWIND AND RETURN TO START, etc.
  • Panel page and layer button, data adjustment knobs.
  • 1 MIDI-out port
  • Adapter port_9V_1500mA_, power switch
  • Breath controller port
  • Sustain pedal and volume pedal jacks
  • USB MIDI port, Class-compliant for Win Vista/XP and Mac OS X, Power can be supplied via USB
  • Support and tested with most professional audio/MIDI sequencers
  • U-CTRL mode
  • Optional multifunction expansion board
WIDI-XU -- Wireless MIDI Interface
  • 2.4GHz ISM working band
  • Duplex wireless MIDI data transmit (MIDI In/Out in same time)
  • Maximum 80m(262 feet) wireless transmission distance without obstacle
  • High speed (less than 3ms latency), powerful error correction with automatic notes-off and on-line detection, Low power consumption,
  • USB <--> RF transmission mode
  • Up to 64 radio channels for MIDI data transfer, with manual or automatic radio channel setting mode
  • Manual switching for one-to-multi communication (auto finding and selecting)
  • Automatic searching, manual or automatic channel setting and other system function can be controlled by the special MIDI SysEx command from USB
  • USB class compliant for Win XP/Vista and Mac OS X, supporting hot plug. No driver needed
  • Powered and upgrade program via USB
Pricing and Availability:
UF 50 (49 key) - $389.00 US MSRP
UF 60 (61 key) - $439.00 US MSRP
UF 70 (76 key) - $549.00 US MSRP
UF 80 (88 key) - $749.00 US MSRP
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