SNAMM07: Software To Help Guitarists Progress

Notion Music announce PROGRESSION tablature and playback application      27/07/07

SNAMM07: Software To Help Guitarists Progress

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Notion Music has announced PROGRESSION, a new tablature and playback application designed for guitar players.
They tell us that PROGRESSION is a powerful, yet easy-to-use guitar application for creating, learning, and distributing music. Guitar tablature or standard notation can be quickly entered with a keyboard and mouse, or played into the program with a MIDI guitar or MIDI keyboard. PROGRESSION then plays back the music instantly with its extensive built-in sound library. Songs and ideas can be shared by creating guitar tabs, lead sheets, and standard sheet music or by simply exporting an audio file with a complete band backing track. PROGRESSION features thousands of real electric and acoustic guitar samples from Neil Zaza, and electric bass and drums samples from Grammy Award winners Victor Wooten and Roy “Future-Man� Wooten. Also included are grand piano, upright bass, clavinet, and electric piano - all in high-definition audio. VST hosting capability enables the use of effects plug-ins and amp modelers and a built-in mixer give the user complete control over the rest of the mix.
Jim Boitnott, VP of Business Development for Notion Music, Inc. told us, “PROGRESSION will revolutionize the way many guitar players create music. With powerful tab and notation features coupled with its great playback and amp simulation options, PROGRESSION makes it more efficient and rewarding to write out guitar ideas, lead sheets, or parts for an entire band.�
Notion Music believe that PROGRESSION will also help maximize practice time by enabling the user to hear the guitar parts, and learn songs and solos much faster by instantly changing the tempo and key to suit and any ability. Users can also beef up the guitar tracks with other instruments and play with a band in the privacy of their own practice space.
  • Real sound samples from guitarist Neil Zaza and Grammy award winners Victor and Roy “Futuremanâ€� Wooten
  • Features acoustic and electric guitar, electric and upright bass, drum kit, grand and electric piano, and clavinet
  • Tablature and notation entry via keyboard, mouse or MIDI guitar/keyboard input
  • Easy edit features
  • Real-time dynamic linking between tab and notation staves
  • Allows tab and notation for additional stringed instruments like banjo and mandolin, and alternate tunings
  • Interactive chord library
  • Lead sheet capability
  • Real-time tempo control with NTempo feature
  • Integrated audio mixer with volume, panning, and mute/solo controls
  • Built-in guitar and bass amp simulator
  • VST plug-in hosting capability
  • MIDI file import and export
  • Wav file export
Pricing and Availability:
PROGRESSION will be available in September, 2007 for $149.99 More information:

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