Mixvibes In The UK

DACS announce the Mixvibes U46 MK2 audio interface for DJs      18/07/07

Mixvibes In The UK

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We’ve brought you news of the Mixvibes U46 MK2 audio interface for DJs before but we’ve now heard from Digital Audio and Computer Systems Ltd (DACS) who have let us know that they are distributing the unit in the UK and say it is the perfect audio interface for professional digital DJs and scratchers. Here are the details that they’ve sent in their own words…
‘ Digital DJ and music software company MixVibes has launched a new audio interface, creating a fully integrated hardware/software solution. The U46 MK2 and the full MixVibes range of software is distributed in the UK by Digital Audio and Computer Systems Ltd (DACS).
The MixVibes U46 MK2 is aimed at club DJs and scratchers who want to access digital media stored on a computer rather than transport heavy bags of vinyl and CDs from one venue to another. Compatible with both laptop and desktop computers, the MixVibes U46 MK2 comes in a rugged, compact case, making it the perfect portable solution for all DJ professionals.
With four inputs, including two stereo line/phono inputs, this versatile multi-channel audio interface offers all the flexibility DJs need to record from a variety of different sources. The unit also features a condenser Microphone input with gain control and +48V phantom power and a Hi-Z direct instrument input with gain control for electric guitars, both of which are accessed via the front panel for ease of use.
The MixVibes U46 MK2 has six multi-channel analogue outputs that can be connected to various external devices or to a 5.1 DVD surround connection. A separate Mix output and headphone output with level control allows users to directly monitor their sound system.
DACS began shipping the new interface in June and has already supplied 10 units to Bristol-based Chemical Records, a specialist dealer that carries a range of DJ equipment and clothing.
Chemical Records’ Sam Chillcott says: “This is exactly the type of product we look for. It’s very modern, very flexible and incorporates all the features a professional digital DJ could ask for from an interface unit.�
MixVibes is renowned for its revolutionary and innovative technology that ensures DJs experience the genuine vinyl feel when mixing digital audio files. The company’s feature-packed DVS Pro, which is based on digital vinyl technology, gives users the ability to mix their digital music in real time on a traditional turntable and mixer configuration.
The new MixVibes U46 MK2 is supplied with MixVibes 3DEX DJ software and is also compatible with MixVibes DVS and other digital DJ and music software.’
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