Five Versions Of Wireless System

AKG big up their easy to use WMS 450 wireless system      02/07/07

Five Versions Of Wireless System

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AKG have been in touch to tell us that their WMS 450 wireless system is available with new AKG microphones C5, D5 and C555 MicroMic, providing superb audio transmission and outstanding gain before feedback. They say that live sound, house of worship and conference applications will all benefit from this patented technology with superb sound quality. The WMS 450 offers easy operation with Auto Setup of up to 12 channels per frequency band and a Programmable Status Display with two-color backlight.
Klaus Hitzenberger, Product Manager, AKG Acoustics told us, “The WMS 450 system represents the latest in AKG wireless microphone technology. Offering the option of C5 or D5 capsules, mesh cap and a road-tested finish, the easy-to-use WMS 450 delivers outstanding audio transmission and sound quality in a robust and reliable unit. The WMS 450 system simply sounds better!�
The complete WMS 450 wireless system consists of the SR 450 stationary receiver, HT 450 handheld transmitter and the PT 450 pocket transmitter. Featuring a rugged finish metal case, the SR 450 provides the widest frequency range and highest S/N ratio in its class. The HT 450 handheld transmitter is available as a D5 dynamic microphone or C5 condenser microphone version, both providing maximum rejection against feedback and improved handling noise sensibility. The HT 450 also offers a spring steel elastic wire mesh cap for safe protection of the capsule element.
Both the HT 450 and the PT 450 are easy to configure through optimized infrared data download from the receiver. They also feature a new hardwearing finish optimized for professional applications. Additionally, WMS 450 provides a patented battery status display with high accuracy, and with an operating time up to 8 hours on one AA battery, the WMS 450 offers end-users very low operating costs.
The WMS 450 is available in five packages:
  • the Vocal Set D5 featuring the revolutionary D5 dynamic microphone element
  • the Vocal Set C5 available with the C5 condenser microphone element
  • the Headworn Set featuring the new C555 MicroMic headset
  • the Guitar Set optimized for portable instruments
  • the Presenter Set for professional presentations as well as broadcast and theatre applications.
All packages are compatible with the CU 400 charging unit for simple plug-in charging with two universal charging slots for the PT 450 and HT 450 transmitters. The CU 400 offers a full charge in less than two hours. For multi-channel applications the WMS 450 can be very easy complemented with the accessories of the WMS 4000 System.
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