Propellerhead Producers Conference Success

Nottingham and London events are a hit with Reason users      22/06/07

Propellerhead Producers Conference Success
Reaon Comes To Nottingham

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Propellerhead's first Producers Conference in the UK hosted by M-Audio apparently went very well. Colin Meager of M-Audio told us, “All in all, one hell of a Prop Conference with quality artists sharing indepth knowledge. Now, the one thing that's on everybody’s lips... when's it happening again?�
Helen Viccars from Confetti in Nottingham had this to say, “We were thrilled to welcome the Propellerhead Conference to Confetti. It was a fantastic event; everyone went away having learnt some specialist Reason techniques and suitably inspired by the guest speakers. We’re looking forward to next year!� Sonic State were not able to attend on this occasion but here’s what happened in M-Audio’s own words directly from their press release after the event...
’June 12-13th, the UK witnessed Propellerhead's first Producers Conference which touched down at Confetti in Nottingham and Access to Music in London. Both these world class music technology training facilities hosted a fantastic evening for Reason fans consisting of seminars, tutorials and workshops plus some exclusive Producers Conference freebies. Nice.
The attendees relished seeing, and of course hearing, Propellerhead's very own James Bernard building custom Combinator effects to enhance sounds or completely destroy them, which everyone found very entertaining! He explained alternative ways of using Reason Devices such as the BV-512 vocoder as a frequency band isolator! This led to a walkthrough of the Multiband Toolbox Combinator patches and then some cool compression techniques to create thick hip-hop drum sounds.
King of the breaks, Danny McMillan, focused on equalizing and processing drum sounds to create big fat drum grooves. He also spilled the beans and talked through some of his synthesis tricks including the development of lush textures by stacking synths in a Combinator, using duplicate combi devices to generate massive sounds, and mapping samples in the NN-XT sampler.
Taken from the pages of his book, Power Tools for Reason 3.0, Kurt Kurasaki presented a primer on the synthesizer architecture in an effort to show users how to approach sound design. After a tutorial about control voltages and their applications, Kurt went deep into Reason and showed his granular-like Combinator synth patch, built using a dozen different devices interconnected to achieve a bizarre audio texture, ending on a high and leaving folks holding onto their goodie bag in disbelief.’

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