SONiVOX Expands LoopLine Series

Three new collections of drum loops produced by Chocolate Audio      24/04/07

SONiVOX Expands LoopLine Series

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SONiVOX have announced the expansion of LoopLine, their premium series of loop based titles. SONiVOX say that LoopLine titles feature a refreshing mix of street-current beats and sound textures with very high-end production techniques, the end result being a contemporary set of loops with stellar sound quality.
Produced by Simone Coen of Chocolate Audio, SONiVOX say that the three new releases put superb sounding, flexible, and easy to use drum loops in user’s hands. Here’s the descriptions in their own words:
Brushed Beats
Brushed Beats is a brush drum collection of over 1200 smooth and classy loops and 500 one-shot hits tastefully played and creatively arranged to allow flexibility in building extremely realistic rhythm foundations.
Brushed Beats tempo-based ‘song’ style organization makes it easy to assemble tracks with a variety of creative elements that augment the primary loop patterns; fills, intros, endings, and ‘solo’ sections that blend seamlessly and bristle with energy and life. Each ‘song’ type is presented in multiple mixes, making skilled use of compression, EQ, and reverb to give each mix its own sonic stamp. ‘Multimic’ loops, allow isolation of the snare and kick drums.
Chocolate Sticks Vol.1
Chocolate Sticks Vol.1 is a huge (and yummy) collection of beautifully produced classic drum set loops. Another work horse collection, Chocolate Sticks includes perfectly timed and perfectly mixed loops with a huge collection of perfectly matched hits.
Comprised of 1200 loops and 650 one-shot hits that put you in the producer’s chair with a first-call session drummer and his custom DW kit. 15 individual tempo-based ‘song’ sets are presented in 33 different mixes running the gamut from classic rock to contemporary pop and songwriter styles, giving users a rhythmic palette broad enough to complement the scope of their own musical diversity. Producer Simone Coen and session vet Elio Rivagli have captured a collection of grooves that strikes the perfect balance of musicality and fidelity, from intimate to enormous. Extra features include ‘multimic’ loops that allow for user-unique processing by isolating kit components into separate loop files and one-shot hits that can be put to great use as track accents or for creating programmed drum kits.
Melted Hits
Melted Hits takes brushed drum loops and mixes, mangles, distorts and otherwise melts them in a way that they hardly resemble their brushed origin. Fitting any music situation from rock to experimental, soundtrack to gabreilesque landscapes, these 629 loops have been mangled, mutilated, and shaped into twisted new textures that drip with distinctive attitude. Producer Simone Coen pulled down his musical welding visor and put the sonic blowtorch to a set of brush drum grooves, applying liberal amounts of spectral processing to create a collection that will infuse compositions with generous amounts of spice and flavor. ‘Melted Hits’ delivers a wealth of loops in 14 different tempos with multiple mix options and the flexibility to isolate kick, snare, and hi-hat loops for user-unique tweaking and re-balancing.
All SONiVOX LoopLine titles are Mac and PC compatible and include Acid/Wav, AppleLoop, AIFF and REX2 formats.
Pricing and Availability:
Brushed Beats will ship early May 2007, with a MSRP of $99.95
Chocolate Sticks Vol.1 will ship early May 2007, with a MSRP of $99.95
Melted Hits will ship early May 2007, with a MSRP of $99
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