Self-Calibrating Surround Systems

US JBL Professional launches networked 5.1 surround systems for HD broadcast and post-production      17/04/07

Self-Calibrating Surround Systems

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JBL Professional has brought its LSR4300 Series studio monitors to broadcast applications with the introduction of two 5.1 surround sound systems featuring networking functionality and JBL’s groundbreaking RMC Room Mode Correction technology. Here’s what they have to say in their own words:
‘Building on the high-performance requirements of JBL’s LSR Series and incorporating a next-generation automated version of JBL’s RMC technology, the LSR4300 Series plays with stunning accuracy while overcoming the room’s acoustic problems that have plagued broadcast and post engineers. Each speaker and the new LSR4312SP Subwoofer has a built-in analyzer that measures and automatically compensates for low-frequency problems caused by the room’s standing waves and boundaries. Calibration of the system is simply accomplished by connecting a supplied calibration microphone to the speaker and pressing a button. The RMC system can be calibrated and settings can be viewed on the computer desktop using LSR4300 Control Center Software.
With an ever-increasing demand for 5.1 surround sound programming driven by high-definition broadcast production, the LSR4300 system is engineered to be “surround smart.� The Harman HiQnet network, along with LSR4300 Control Center Software, simplifies setup and control of large surround systems with up to eight LSR4326P or LSR4328P monitors (with 6� and 8� woofers respectively) and two LSR4312SP subwoofers in a single system. Control Center Software includes a virtual “monitor section� with a system volume control, individual channel solo and mute, monitor source selection, eliminating the need to purchase an outboard speaker controller. Additionally, the entire system may be controlled from anywhere in the room using the LSR4300 wireless remote control. Recognizing some rooms may not have the space to position surround and center channels at the optimum distance, the LSR4300 adjusts the output of each speaker on the network to accurately balance sound arriving at the mix position.
Until now, achieving proper balance of a subwoofer in a surround sound system has been tricky, and requires the use of outboard measurement tools and a pink-noise generator. When connected to the network, the auto-calibration feature in the new LSR4312SP powered subwoofer automatically balances the sub to the rest of the system. Using the supplied remote control, or Control Center software, all settings of the sub can be auditioned and adjusted without ever leaving the mix position.
For digital production, each speaker includes high-resolution 24-bit, 96kHz AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital inputs to interface with digital broadcast consoles, computer audio I/O, playback sources and processors. On-board input switching allows the user to monitor a range of analog and digital playback sources via supplied remote control, software or the speaker’s front panel input control.
The inclusion of a tri-color meter display on the speaker’s front panel allows broadcasters to monitor system levels. A compliment of illuminated controls provides access to EQ, SOLO, Input selection volume and RMC calibration. When networked, the front panel of any speaker controls all speakers in the system.
“LSR4300 Series has also enjoyed tremendous success in the broadcast and post-production markets,� said Peter Chaikin, Director of Marketing, Recording & Broadcast, JBL Professional. “With HD driving the demand for 5.1 content, our new LSR4300 5.1 systems deliver exceptional accuracy at the mix position in any room while providing tremendous convenience for the broadcast customer.�
JBL offers the LSR4300 Series in two affordable 5.1 packages. The LSR4328P/5.1 system includes five LSR4328P powered speakers and one LSR4312SP subwoofer. The LSR4326P/5.1 system includes five LSR4326P powered speakers and one LSR4312SP subwoofer. The systems come complete with an accessory kit including a calibration microphone, wireless remote control, Control Center Software for Macintosh and Windows computers, USB and CAT 5 cables.’
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