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GB ESI Audiotechnik ships version 2.40 of SampleRobot and SampleRobot Essentials plus WaveRobot      16/03/07

Robots On The Move

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ESI Audiotechnik GmbH have been in touch to tell us that they are now shipping worldwide the retail boxes of SKYLIFE’s SampleRobot V2.40, SampleRobot Essentials V2.40 and WaveRobot
Here’s the full lowdown in their own words... SampleRobot and WaveRobot offer unique functions to sample acoustic and electronic instruments fast and comfortably. So you can transfer real musical instruments very easily to the digital domain and then play them with any available software sampler.
On the enclosed SampleRobot installation DVD there is over 1080 MB of high quality multi-sampled content taken from famous synthesizers in Soundfont2 format. So it is possible to recreate those legends with almost every software sampler. All sounds can be played 100% authentically without compromises. That is because SampleRobot was used to create identical virtual copies of the original sound machines in best sound resolution and dynamics. Furthermore new SampleRobot package contains a comprehensive, fully printed version 2.40 operation manual. With a lot of love for detail the author Holger Steinbrink describes all the fantastic possibilities of SampleRobot and WaveRobot from a practical point of view. It is fun to read the manual!
Worldwide distribution of the new retail boxes is provided by ESI Audiotechnik GmbH and the dedicated international distribution partners.
Which advantages does SampleRobot Essentials have?
  • High quality SampleRobot technology
  • Best value for money
  • Very easy to use
  • WaveRobot integration as an option
  • Cross-grade to SampleRobot possible at any time
Which additional features does SampleRobot compared to SampleRobot Essentials offer?
  • WaveRobot (available as an upgrade option for SampleRobot Essentials)
  • 24 bit resolution (SampleRobot Essentials supports 16 bit resolution and up to 192 kHz sampling rates)
  • MIDI monitor
  • MIDI controller support
  • Release-sample support
  • Function "Create Projects from Soundnames" (sample whole synthesizer bank in one go)
What is behind WaveRobot?
SKYLIFE WaveRobot is the new stand-alone software solution for professional and comfortable audio loop editing. For the first time WaveRobot combines all sophisticated loop editing features from SampleRobot in a single program. When editing audio it is not always easy to find smooth loop points in a sample. But now WaveRobot helps to speed up and simplify this process enormously.
Under the headline “ADVANCED AUTO-LOOP PROCESSOR - Professional Loop Editing Audioware� WaveRobot includes many automatic functions to find very good loop results in wave files. A high speed graphic engine with full zoom functionality makes WaveRobot very comfortable software to work with.
WaveRobot can be used independently or in conjunction with SampleRobot, which adds batch functionality. Furthermore WaveRobot is equipped with interesting audio editing functions like automatic silence truncating and crossfade rendering. Due to the reasonable price WaveRobot can be recommended as a universal audio tool for loop editing. It should be part of every studio's basic configuration.
Pricing and Availability:
SampleRobot Upgrades to version 2.40
For users of SampleRobot und SampleRobot Essentials Version 2: free of charge
For users of SampleRobot Version 1.x: 50 USD
Full featured versions
SampleRobot Version 2.40: 329 USD (Download version)
SampleRobot Version 2.40: 339 USD (Retail version)
SampleRobot Essentials Version 2.40: 113 USD (Download version)
SampleRobot Essentials Version 2.40: 139 USD (Retail version)
SampleRobot Essentials + WaveRobot Version 2.40: 169 USD (Download version)
WaveRobot: 79 USD (Download version)
WaveRobot: 99 USD (Retail version)
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