Put Your Mixes In Disneyland

Audio Ease releases impulse responses of the Walt Disney Concert Hall      06/03/07

Put Your Mixes In Disneyland
Walt Disney Concert Hall - looks odd, sounds great...

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Every few weeks Audio Ease releases free new impulse responses for their real time plug-in convolution reverb Altiverb. They have given us a brief update on what was released recently and a preview of what is to come.
Since the summer of 2006 acoustics samples (IR's) have been added of the renowned small concert hall Kammermusiksaal in Berlin, the beautiful dark church Iglesia San Miguel from Cuenca, Spain and the modern concert hall of Bruges Belgium.
There have also been audio post production samples – most notably historic train interiors, rock clubs from Manhattan and the Netherlands, and a series of indoor sports stadiums from Germany in December 2006.
The latest release is one that Audio Ease is particularly proud of: the home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic: Walt Disney Concert Hall. This modern hall opened on October 23, 2003, and while the architecture evoked mixed opinions, the acoustics of the concert hall were widely praised in contrast to its predecessor, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. This IR release is as complete as always with many microphone set-ups in stereo and surround, interactive surround VR photography and Google Earth Placemarks.
On the LA trip another valuable recording was made, to be released soon: the famous 20th Century Fox Film Scoring Stage. Audo Ease is currently processing recordings made in the halls and churches of Stockholm and Oslo and the spectacular Trakai Castle in Vilnius Lithuania. Arjen van der Schoot, co-owner of Audio Ease and recording engineer for the majority of the samples, told us, "When we started out making these samples in 2000, I wasn't so convinced there would be enough difference between concert halls to justify so many in our library of acoustics. But now, if in Altiverb you switch between all these halls of Sydney, Amsterdam, Berlin , Scandinavia and the US there really is no doubt that there is still place for a bunch more. That's how different they are. That means we can remain doing what we are really good at: finding and recording great spaces. I just returned from a sampling trip to India. Apart form the stunning acoustics recordings I made there my mouth watered from the other possibilities in that country. I am aching to pack my recording gear and go back someday."
Pricing and Availability:
Altiverb 6 XL - includes TDM, Surround & 192 kHz costs 849 Euro.
Altiverb 6 Regular costs 499 Euro.
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