Cubase And Nuendo Mixing DVDs

US Steinberg presents Internal Mixing tutorial DVD-ROM series      20/02/07

Cubase And Nuendo Mixing DVDs

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Steinberg have announced distribution of a new mixing tutorial DVD-ROM series that supports users of DAW applications in creating powerful, balanced mixes using advanced software tools. Filmed in HD quality, the two-part Internal Mixing series provides a total of 340 minutes of valuable advice and tips on all aspects of mixing using Steinberg’s Cubase and Nuendo applications, and includes English, German, French and Spanish soundtracks.
Steinberg’s Product Manager for the Internal Mixing series, Frank Seidel told us, “We’re very pleased to present this great new series of tutorials that offer hands- on strategies for a wide range of DAW users to create outstanding mixes without relying on outboard hardware. These tutorials offer a huge wealth of information and support learning through highly detailed hands-on training sessions and practical examples. While this series is primarily for newcomers to digital music mixing, old hands will also find helpful hints and tips around workflow, advanced mixing techniques and high-end effect plug-ins.� Contents Vol. I - running Time 160 mins.
  • Defining the objective of the mix
  • The three dimensions
  • Tips for delivering the mix master to the mastering studio
  • More bits sound better!
  • The systematic approach – clarity and a good workflow for the mix
  • Working with groups
  • Compressing groups to save CPU and increase sound power
  • EQing groups to save resources and create “spaceâ€�
  • Handling groups: What do I control via groups, and what via tracks?
  • Workflow overview
  • Summary of panning rules
  • Preventing phase interference
  • Breakdown of the frequency bands and their principle zones
  • Mixing a tight bass range
  • EQ basic rules
  • Common basic parameters of compressors and their use
Contents Vol. II - running Time 180 mins.
  • Exercises with compressors
  • Layering with reverb and delay
  • Native and DSP-aided reverb devices
  • Pre-delay as a design component
  • EQing in reverb return as a design component
  • Layering strategies
  • Pre-fader or post-fader?
  • How many reverb devices do you need? Planning depth design
  • Additional aspect: Design and the use of Mute and Special FX
  • Automation
  • Processing single instruments
  • Microphone tracks
  • Refining loops (doubling, gating, compressing, reverbing)
  • Exercise in editing loops
  • EQing and compressing vocals
  • Special aspects concerning choruses
About the author
Friedemann Tischmeyer has worked in audio mastering and mixing for more than 15 years. Being an engineer for countless well-known artists and the owner of his own independent mastering facility, Friedemann has also published his two extremely well-received books ‘Audio Mastering with PC Workstations’ and ‘Internal Mixing’.
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Internal Mixing appears in two volumes, costing €49.00 each, and are available now.
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