Monitor Mix Wizard

US Allen & Heath announce the WZ3 Monitor mixer      08/02/07

Monitor Mix Wizard

Following the success of the recently launched mid-range GL2800M, and in response to customer demand, Allen & Heath has further extended their range of monitor mixers with the launch of the WZ3 Monitor, a console which combines the design principles of the MixWizard Series with many modern monitor facilities. Furnished with 16 mono mic/line inputs, the desk boasts 12 mix outputs, which can be either mono or switched to 6 stereo pairs to take advantage of the recent trend towards in ear monitoring.
Mechanically identical to other MixWizards, with individual card and nutted pot construction and Quick Change Connector pod, A&H say the WZ3 Monitor presents the monitor engineer with a compact, easy to use desk capable of mixing a large number of wedge and in-ear sources. Its 12 mixes can be globally assigned as mono or stereo, and each stereo mix is provided with stereo AFL signal checking.
Input channels feature the WZ3 preamplifier and include a passive microphone splitter and individual phantom power. In common with the entire Wizard range, four extended range overlapping bands of EQ are provided, two with frequency sweeps. Rotary channel fader, mute switch, PFL, signal & peak meters complete the strip.
The auxiliaries are arranged so that sends 1-4 may be switched pre or post fader, while sends 5-12 are set to be postfade, although these may be set using internal jumpers to prefade. The mix send controls are configured as level controls in mono mode but are level and pan in stereo mode. All mix controls are on 60mm faders, colour-coded in pairs.
The engineer is provided with a stereo monitor output for wedge speaker, as well as a headphone output with level control. The mixer can be set up as required, in either desktop or rackmount configuration, and the mixer has an internal power supply as well as a back-up power supply input socket.
Mike Griffin, the desk’s designer had this to tell us, “After we launched the GL2800M, we realized that there was a large untapped demand for small monitor desks which can handle lots of outputs for performers. This desk has loads of inputs and outputs and everything’s arranged neatly to provide clear and precise control of mixes. It’s really straightforward, and coupled with the rugged build and reliability of the MixWizards, we think we have a little cracker!�
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