WNAMM07: New Roland Digital Pianos

US FP Series is expanded with two new models      31/01/07

WNAMM07: New Roland Digital Pianos

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Roland has announced two new additions to the FP Digital Piano Series: the full-featured FP-7 and the compact and streamlined FP-4. Roland say that, complete with Session Partner, USB connection, and true-to-life grand piano sounds, the FP line has something for everyone–from professional stage performers to recreational music makers.
With a slim, portable design for placement in practically any environment and an elegant black finish, Roland say that the new FP-7 is the perfect and elegant solution for apartment dwellers or any home where space is at a premium.
The FP-7 not only offers powerful built-in speaker-box units, intuitive controls, and a graphic LCD which displays lyrics for sing-along fun, but a new AudioKey feature which gives players a simple way to playback audio directly from USB memory.
New PHA II Progressive Hammer Action II technology provides a keyboard that responds naturally from pianissimo to fortissimo, with a touch that can be adjusted in 100 incremental steps. Roland say that the intricate details of a real piano have been captured inside the FP-7, including, hammer, damper and string noise and key-off resonance.
For those players wishing to create instant auto-accompaniments, the FP-7 features Roland’s Session Partner technology complete with a variety of musical styles and a large variety of rhythm and accompaniment patterns—including ballads, jazz, Latin and 12 new styles. Players can choose from a vast selection of chord progressions, or have the accompaniment follow the left hand.
With USB standard, musicians can connect the FP-7 to a computer and use it as a sound source for sequencing or as a high-quality controller. Players can also plug in a memory key and load .WAV and standard MIDI files for instant playback.
Additional features include 128-voice polyphony, two headphone jacks for duets or late-night practice sessions and Cakewalk SONAR LE recording and editing software.

FP-4 in white
Featuring the same piano sound and body as the flagship FP-7, the FP-4 is a more affordable and streamlined version of its big brother. Roland believe that it’s the perfect choice for music students who need a great-sounding, great-feeling digital piano but who don’t demand as many features as the FP-7.
This new 88-key piano (now available in black or white finishes) includes PHA alpha II, a new compact version of the Progressive Hammer Action II keyboard technology found in the FP-7, 128-voice polyphony and an easy-to-read LED screen onboard. It comes complete with headphone jack, built in speakers and hundreds of new sounds.
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