WNAMM07: VoiceSolo Free Trial Extended

US TC-Helicon extend VoiceSolo 30 day free trial campaign to June 2007      24/01/07

WNAMM07: VoiceSolo Free Trial Extended

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At the show, TC-Helicon has announced a 30 day money back guarantee on all VoiceSolo purchases is extended to June 30th 2007.
Kevin Alexander, CEO at TC-Helicon told us, “Because the customer response has been so positive and want to make sure everyone gets the opportunity to experience quality monitoring, we chose to prolong the offer."
TC Helicon tell us that they see the innovation VoiceSolo brings to monitoring as so significant that everyone should get a chance to experience it for themselves. And now they say that everyone has the chance to let VoiceSolo speak for itself in a risk-and hassle free environment.
About VoiceSolo
VoiceSolo is a new range of near-field voice monitors, optimized for live vocals, and easy setup with conventional microphone stands and booms. The VoiceSolo range consists of the passive VSM-200P monitor, the active VSM-200 monitor and the active VSM- 300 with advanced connectivity and personal mix controls. The VoiceSolo monitors employ a custom designed true point source driver to reproduce the human voice in the most intelligible and natural way. The rugged cast aluminum enclosure offers multiple mounting options using intelligently designed adapters that make setup with standard microphone stands a simple and quick task. The VSM-200 and VSM-300 are equipped with a 150 watt BASHâ„¢ amplifier, volume control and mic/line input. In addition, the VSM-300 offers professional I/O box with Mic In, Stereo Instrument, Aux, and splits as well as front mounted personal mix controls including the VoiceShapeâ„¢ tone circuit that provides studio microphone tone to a typical live microphone.
Commenting on TC-Helicon’s venture into the live monitor market, CEO Kevin Alexander, had this to say, “If there is one complaint we hear the most from singers it’s ‘I can’t hear’. Getting a good monitor mix is difficult, unless you have a sound engineer who spends as much time rehearsing as you do. With VoiceSolo, you are instantly in control of your personal sound. No more heaving-lifting wedge monitors or tuning wireless systems. VoiceSolo monitors are compact, easy to set up and most importantly, they cut through the mix so your can hear great vocals.�
Pricing and Availability:
All VoiceSolo purchases through December 31st 2006 are subject to a 30 day money back guarantee.
VSM-200P EUR 210 and GBP £145 retail ex. VAT
VSM-200 EUR 320 and GBP £220 retail ex. VAT
VSM-300 EUR 420 and GPB £290 retail ex. VAT
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