WNAMM07: Eventide Announce Stompbox Product Line

US Delay and modulation stompboxes on the way      21/01/07

WNAMM07: Eventide Announce Stompbox Product Line
Timefactor - Due In March

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For more than three decades Eventide have been know for their rack effects processors but the company have now announced that they are making their effects more accessible to guitar players with the launch of a new stompbox product line. First to be released will be the TimeFactor twin delay in March and the ModFactor modulation effects in May.
Small enough to fit on a pedalboard or in a gigbag, Eventide say that the TimeFactor and ModFactor are full-featured studio-quality stompboxes at an attractive price. They believe that the Eventide stompbox product line promises to excite and invigorate musicians of any skill level, as well as introduce the heritage of the Eventide brand to an entirely new audience.
Ray Maxwell, Eventide vice president of sales and marketing told us, “Innovative design and quality construction have long been the hallmarks of Eventide. The introduction of our TimeFactor and ModFactor stompboxes continues our commitment to manufacturing high-quality products that translate to a revenue opportunity for our dealers. We are very excited about bringing Eventide quality to an unprecedented price point and are confident that our stompboxes will bring in a new group of Eventide customers, as well as some enthusiastic, new guitar retailers.
Our success has always come from working closely with end users to provide a high-quality product that performs like no other. With our family of stompboxes, we took the same approach; we’ve worked very diligently with guitar players to create a high-quality product that seamlessly integrates into a variety of setups and developed a product that is durable, reliable and profitable for retailers.�
Eventide say that each of the sleek, rugged stompboxes provides an uncompromised level of functionality that is consistent with all of Eventide’s best-selling products. They tell us that TimeFactor includes 10 of Eventide’s best delay effects and that ModFactor includes 10 of Eventide’s best modulation effects.
The stompboxes, say Eventide, provide unrivaled speed and ease-of-use and feature instant program change, USB for updating via the Internet, true analog bypass, tweakable tap tempo, MIDI clock tempo, real-time control via the onboard 10 knobs or via MIDI, plug-and-play expression pedal control of wet/dry mix, or any combination of parameters, mono or stereo operation, metal footswitches for instant preset access, rugged cast metal construction, guitar or line level inputs and outputs, and 27 user presets (unlimited via MIDI).
Pricing and Availability:
Eventide’s TimeFactor will be available through premier guitar retailers in March, ModFactor will follow in May. Both the TimeFactor and ModFactor will retail for $499 each.
More information:

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