mLAN On The Mac Update

Yamaha release a statement      15/01/07

mLAN On The Mac Update

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The guys who are running the Save Mlan On The Mac petition have been in touch to tell us that Yamaha have resumed communication with the Mlan community on the 01Xray forum and have confirmed that they have regained control of developments of Mlan on the Mac from Apple and have put together the beginnings of a proposal to the user community to update the drivers.
Here’s Yamaha’s statement from the 01Xray forum:
Yamaha OS X Driver Development
As promised here is a statement regarding OS X driver development.
We have tried to give you as much information as we can at this time. These few words may not seem like that much, but you would be surprised at how much work it was to get these simple words approved by everyone.
We will be on the forums over the weekend to respond to questions if we can.
Dear valued customers,
With regard to mLAN, which YAMAHA Corporation has proposed to the industry and promoted, we appreciate that many customers are enjoying its convenience under the Windows environment.
As many of you have acknowledged and those who run Intel-based Macs can experience for yourself, on the Windows OS, mLAN is very stable and a vast majority of end users are satisfied with it’s performance.
As for mLAN on the Mac OS X environment, however, we recognize that some of the performance does not satisfy specific use-cases. In the future, in order to assume more responsibility for the driver’s performance and release timetables, the mLAN driver development for the 01X, i88x, mLAN16e and MY16 mLAN will be handled by YAMAHA’s own software engineering team and some mLAN driver releases will be done by YAMAHA.
At this time, we are not able to give a definite timetable for release of a new mLAN driver for MAC OS X as we are currently conducting detailed technical investigations to determine the requirements of the new work we must do.
Our current target is for YAMAHA to release its own mLAN driver update for Mac OS X in the summer of 2007 with a major improvement. However this release will probably not include all the improvements we would like to achieve so it will be followed by a series of driver updates as YAMAHA continues it’s on going effort to provide the best possible end user experience for our customers.
We have been as open and honest with you in informing you of our current situation. We feel that this open and honest communication is the first step in the process of convincing you that YAMAHA is committed to supporting our customers in an ethical and positive manner. We sincerely appreciate your kind understanding and patience in this matter.
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