Mix Music With The Pros

ASK Video releases Mixing With The Pros DVD Video Tutorial      13/12/06

Mix Music With The Pros

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ASK Video Interactive Media have announced Mixing With The Pros, the first ASK Video DVD to step outside specific products and designed to help musician's create top-quality professional mixes.
In more than 3 hours of high-quality video, mixing veteran James Tuttle shows how EQs, compressors, limiters, reverbs, delays, amp simulators, automation, and mastering plug-ins are all used to construct a mix that has clarity, depth, punch, pop, and sizzle. Tuttle approaches each instrument or track individually and examines set-up, adjustments, editing, and automation. He shows how the final settings for each and every plug-in in the mix are attained, not as one-off uses of presets, but as continual adjustments to produce a final mix that breathes life into the music.
Steve Kostrey, CEO of ASK Video told us, "After learning their main application through our Tutorial DVDs, musicians and producers have asked us for training on broader production theory and techniques that they can apply to their music. Mixing With The Pros helps musicians produce an exciting, interesting, and inspired mix!"
ASK Video say that this tutorial is perfect for both beginners or professionals who desire new perspective and modern techniques, can be applied to any software or hardware-based mixing systems. The DVD-Rom includes all of the individual source files for the song ("Incognito" by John McVey) to be loaded into a Mac or PC DAW system and follow along. Bonus material in the form of interviews and extra commentary on mixing are also included.
About James Tuttle
James Tuttle has 28 years+ of experience in the realm of audio engineering and has worked at many world class studios. His discography includes over 250 released recordings including work for most of the major labels. He has mixed shows for over 175 artists including James Taylor, Shawn Colvin, Randy Newman, Barenaked Ladies, Moe, Indigo Girls, Los Lobos and many, many more. For more information please visit www.jamestuttle.com About John McVey An award winning singer songwriter, John has toured the US extensively and has visited other countries as well. He has released two CDs. John is also an engineer and producer and has worked on hundreds of recording projects. He is currently living and working in Boulder, CO. For more information please visit www.johnmcvey.com Pricing and Availability:
Mixing With The Pros DVD Tutorial is available now for $55 USD. More information:

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