Receptor Loaded For Composers

US Sounds Online and Muse Research announce two Receptor Software Bundles      07/12/06

Receptor Loaded For Composers

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Muse Research, Inc. and the online distribution company Sounds Online (a division of East West), have announced two new special bundle configurations that combine the Receptor hardware plug-in player with virtual instrument software from East West.
The first bundle consists of a Receptor with 2GB of RAM and a 160GB drive pre-installed with Colossus, Symphonic Choirs, EWQLSO GOLD Orchestra, and the Boesendorfer 290 piano for $2999 (retail value of $5382).
The other bundle consists of four Receptor PRO models; each with 2GB of RAM and 400GB hard drives pre-installed with EWQLSO Platinum XP, as well as Symphonic Choirs and Boesendorfer 290 for a special bundle price of $10,999 (retail value of $17,180).
Both of these special bundle configurations are available for a limited time only through
Bryan Lanser, VP of marketing for Muse Research told us, “These two bundles represent both incredible value from a financial perspective and incredible expressive power from a musical perspective. These systems come complete to the customer, so they offer exceptional savings in both time and money. We’re very pleased to offer these exclusive East West bundle configurations through�
Stefan Leiste, VP of Sales for Eastwest had this to say, "This combination of Eastwest virtual instruments running on Receptor represents an ideal and complete music instrument for any musician. Even more exciting is that these bundles are an unbeatable value, saving you thousands of dollars and many, many hours of time since all the software comes pre-installed"
Here’s what they have to say in their own words directly from the press release…
'Receptor “MEGA� Player’s Choice Package– perfect for songwriters and producers
The Receptor MEGA Composer’s Choice package consists of a Receptor loaded with 2Gb of RAM, and a 160Gb hard drive pre-loaded with Colossus ($995 value) which features a wide variety of pristine sounds that cover every style of music. Also pre-installed is the EWQLSO GOLD Symphonic Orchestras ($995 value), with hundreds of impressive orchestral patches. Add to that EWQLSO Symphonic Choirs ($995 value), and this Receptor has everything necessary to create any style of music. Topping it off is the Boesendorfer 290 sampled grand piano (retail value $199), making this a performer’s or producer’s dream come true. This entire package has a retail value of $5832, and through the end of January, you are able to purchase this package online through for just $2999 – almost half-off!
Receptor PRO Composer’s Choice Package – massive firepower for studio and film
For film and TV composers, nothing beats the Composer’s Package from Muse Research and East West / Quantum Leap / Sounds Online. Consisting of FOUR separate Receptor PROs configured with 2GB of matched pair RAM and 400GB hard drives (retail value of $2499 each) pre-installed with the components of the Platinum XP Symphonic Orchestra Edition from East West (retail value of $5990). This amazing sampled orchestra accurately captures every nuance and air of solo and section instruments, allowing you to tackle any composing project. Add the Symphonic Choir instrument (retail value $995) that provides both male and female voices, as well as the Boesendorfer 290 sampled piano (retail value $199), and you have an amazingly powerful and complete system to tackle any score or project.
Powering these massive libraries are four individual Receptors that allow you to distribute the processing load between for optimum polyphony and of course the minimal latency that Receptor is famous for. This package has a retail value of $17,180, but for a limited time only this entire package can be purchased for just $10,999 – a savings of over 40% off!
Both bundle deals feature the UniWire capabilities of Receptor, that lets you run these plug-ins on your Receptor as if they were running in your computer (Mac or PC). This “networked / distributed processing� technology is free with any Receptor and works with all of the major host programs such as Digital Performer, Logic, ProTools, Cubase, etc. '
Pricing and Availability:
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More information on Receptor:
More information on East West sample libraries:

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