Korg Koncert Keyboard

Korg announces the flagship C-720 Digital Concert Piano      14/11/06

Korg Koncert Keyboard

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Korg has launched the C-720, the latest addition to its new line of Digital Concert Pianos. They say it provides a rich piano sound, an authentic feeling 88-note graded hammer action keyboard and a host of new features, along with a sophisticated, modern cabinet highlighted by a real wood finish, for the ultimate piano experience.
Korg tell us that their proprietary Piano eXperience technology provides a heightened level of realism and feel. It employs the latest stereo-sampling techniques to convey the natural imaging and nuances of a concert grand piano. Korg's multiple-layer piano PCM fully captures the complete dynamic range of the original instrument, including the sound of the key being released and the hammer returning, as well as the sympathetic damper resonance of the strings.
The C-720 features Korg's ultra-responsive RH3 real weighted hammer action keyboard for an authentic touch. As on a grand piano, the keys are progressively lighter toward the upper end of the keyboard. Adjustable velocity curves (seven levels) allow players to tailor the action to their playing style. A fixed level setting is provided for authentic harpsichord and organ feel.
The C-720 features 40 sounds grouped by instrument type. Sounds range from multiple acoustic pianos to harpsichord and clavinets, organ, electric piano and various stringed instruments. All sounds can be played individually; two sounds can be split or layered across the keyboard. Multiple reverb and chorus effects with adjustable intensity levels add depth and spaciousness to the sounds. For further enhancement, an insert effect with 24 variations is provided for each sound in a Performance.
The C-720 pedal section (damper, soft, sostenuto) offers half-pedaling response for the damper and soft pedals for an authentic acoustic feel. Also included are Key Transpose, Fine Tuning, a metronome (featuring 37 realistic drum patterns) and dual headphone outputs for silent practice, duets or lessons. Additional temperaments (Equal, Kirnberger, Werckmeister, Arabic, Pythagorian and more) are provided, as well as 20 built-in demo songs and an additional 185 classical piano pieces in which the left and right hand can be played back separately as a study aid. For pro players, the C-720 includes MIDI in/out ports for interfacing with other MIDI-equipped musical products or a computer. The USB/MIDI port offers single cable MIDI convenience. An Audio In jack enables a CD player or electronic musical instrument to be run through its built-in speakers, while the Audio Out jacks allow the C-720 to be played through an external speaker system.
A convenient Performance function allows a combination of two sounds to be saved and instantly recalled from one of 30 locations (three banks of 10). In addition, a 2-track recorder (45,000 notes) allows users to capture and immediately play back keyboard performances as well as drum tracks. Saved songs can be transferred to a computer via USB connection.
The C-720 boasts four speakers housed in an internal bass reflex chamber, powered by two stereo amplifiers for over 90 Watts of true bi-amped high fidelity.
The cabinet features a real wood deep Wenge finish with metal accents on the decorative front legs. This design is accentuated by a soft-landing fallboard (key cover), as on a real grand piano, and a clean front panel highlighted by a two-line, 16-character backlit LCD display. The folding music rack even offers score retaining clips.
Pricing and Availability:
The C-720 concert piano will be available mid-November for a U.S. MSRP of $4900.
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