Music To Pass Your Ring By

Notion plays content for Sony Cinescore themed music package      07/11/06

Music To Pass Your Ring By

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Notion Music, makers of Notion music composition and performance software, have been in touch to tell us that they have contributed content to Pass the Ring, one of several Theme libraries for Sony Cinescore soundtrack creation software.
Theme libraries are self-contained music content packages that have been engineered exclusively for use within Cinescore software. Each Theme contains multiple variation presets that can be fine-tuned by adjusting settings like mood, intensity, tempo, and more. The result is an unlimited number of unique, royalty-free compositions that fit perfectly to the length of a video clip.
Despite the smirks and giggles that the title brought out in us overgrown schoolboys at Sonicstate, Pass the Ring actually refers to wedding rings and includes musical expositions of love, emotion, and celebration, which in large part called for orchestral musical selections. Notion Music was called on to deliver arrangements as well as final audio files of such classics as Mendelssohn's Wedding March, Wagner's Here Comes the Bride, and Pachelbel's Canon.
David Oertel, Music Content Manager at Notion Music told us, "This project was a great creative opportunity for our team of score creators as well as a chance to push the envelope of our Notion technology. The team was challenged to come up with many variations on standard wedding themes. While the Caribbean version of Here Comes the Bride or the country version of Canon didn't make the final version, it really showcased the caliber of our content creators as well as the sound quality and flexibility of our Notion software."
Oertel's team was able to deliver finished content utilizing only Notion software and in-house sound libraries, which contain thousands of samples of the renowned London Symphony Orchestra recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studio. Once the arrangements had been finalized, the virtual orchestra was then mixed inside the software and ‘performed’ with Notion 's NTEMPO real-time playback feature. This feature allowed the team to ‘conduct’ the software to capture an expressive performance with real-time tempo changes and holds. These performances were then captured as .WAV files for final delivery to Sony.
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