Virgin Rocks Heathrow Airport

Virgin Atlantic offers the full Gibson Guitar rock and roll experience for its upper class passengers      27/10/06

Virgin Rocks Heathrow Airport
Sonicstate staff keep smiling despite sitting next to the Virgin Atlantic toilet

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We don’t know to whom this will be relevant, certainly not us economy class paupers at Sonicstate – the last time we flew to L.A. for the NAMM show with Virgin Atlantic they stuck us right at the back next to the toilet despite having asked for nice seats because it was my birthday. Anyway…Virgin Atlantic have been in touch to say that they are offering a Gibson Guitar Master class for Upper Class passengers visiting its flagship Heathrow Clubhouse in the month of October.
A selection of acoustic and electric guitars will be on display in the Clubhouse’s Sky Lounge and every Friday - Sunday and Pete Southern from Gibson Guitar, will be offering lessons to Upper Class passengers between 5pm-9pm.
Alison Copus, Director of Marketing for Virgin Atlantic told us, “Gibson Guitar is legendary and we are delighted to offer lessons to our Upper Class passengers on these celebrated instruments, especially by a master guitar player like Pete. I am sure we have some frustrated rock gods amongst our Upper Class passengers, so it should go down well.�
Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson had this to say, “Gibson Guitar is proud to be teaming up with Virgin Atlantic to offer its Upper Class passengers the opportunity to learn a new riff or chord sequence before taking off. Playing the guitar is a great way to unwind before a long flight and we look forward to many more opportunities with Virgin Atlantic in the future.�
Virgin Atlantic Airways opened its new £11m flagship business class lounge at Heathrow in March 2006. The Clubhouse, which is over 2,500 square metres in total, has been designed to feel like a private members’ club and has set new standards for the industry with the first spa pool, steam room and sauna in an airline lounge.
OK, Mr Branson, now that we’ve published your press release, can we be upgraded next time we fly? Free drinks would be cool...
Pricing and Availability:
Free to Virgin Atlantic Upper Class passengers. More information:

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