The Scottish Synth With Or Without Keys

Macbeth Audio Systems reveals a keyboard version of the M3X2 rack synthesiser      25/10/06

The Scottish Synth With Or Without Keys

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Latest news from makers of the M5 synth, Macbeth Audio Systems, is that whilst developing the M3X2 rack synthesiser a keyboard version has been announced, seen above in prototype form.
Currently, the prototype is called The X Factor and has a three and a half octave keyboard - perfect for an analogue mono synth.
We are told that this synth is totally analogue- 3 wide ranging Oscillators with 10 turn potentiometers for precise frequency control and also featuring Saw/Tri/Sine/Square-waveforms. Each Oscillator functions as both audio and modulator for some striking cross-modulation effects.
There is a dedicated analogue LFO as well as analogue Glide and the filter is the classic all transistor 24dB/Octave type- warm, rich and fat.
The ADSR envelope generators are an all transistor design and are said to be extremely snappy. Also included is a variable tone Noise Generator. Other features include a dedicated Headphone Amplifier for monitoring sounds. For those interested in obtaining this synth- a batch of 25 is planned for the first run. M3X2
Below is the first prototype pic of the M3X2. The M3X2 is to be built in a batch of 30 units to get started.

Here’s what designer Ken Macbeth says about the new features of the M3X2 in his own words…
‘More use of discrete parts- ie, transistors. The ADSR Envelope Generators are entirly new- all transistor based- they are seriously snappy. The Noise Generator is a new design- featuring 'Light Noise' and 'Dark Noise'- totally variable between both 'colours'...the Filter has been improved upon- as have the oscillators- going back to the Op Amp/Comparitor/Transistor design...
The front panel now features separate CV Inputs to all three Oscillators/Filter/VCA with a +5V Gate input replacing the defunct S-Trig. Each Oscillator has it's own separate output, as does the Filter and the VCA......Oh yes, Analogue Glide has been included too- as well as the Digital Glide built into the MIDI to CV section. There is also a 9 waveform LFO built in featuring Triangle, Saw Up, Saw Down, 5 rectangular shapes and of course Sample and hold...this is an exciting synth in a solid steel, 6U rackspace/angled wedge!’ Pricing and Availability:
Advance orders being taken. Pricing TBA.
More information:

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