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Dangerous Music's rackmount D-Box offers analog summing, monitor control, D/A conversion, talkback and headphone amps      25/10/06

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Dangerous Music, Inc. has announced the D-Box, a new multi-purpose hardware product for DAW users. They say that the new unit was designed for the compact or mobile environment and the modern workflow of computer musicians and audio professionals on the go.
The 1U rack-mount box combines 8-channels of the Dangerous Music analog summing technology and a collection of important features garnered from other Dangerous products. The D-Box has an integrated programmable monitor control section with analog and digital inputs, on board 24 bit/96Khz D-to-A converter, talkback, dual headphone amps, speaker switcher and more.
Bob Muller, Dangerous Music's Founder and Co-owner told us, "More and more records are being recorded and mixed in remote or temporary locations with mobile DAW rigs, and a lot of control room setups are tight. From artist and industry feedback we have noticed a definite need for a high-quality multi-function product that is also compact and affordable to all DAW based musicians and engineers. In the D-Box we combine our signature analog summing section with what we feel are some other useful capabilities that we've developed in our other products, like the Monitor ST. Most computer musicians struggle with controlling monitors, smooth switching between analog and digital inputs and with headphone cues when tracking. We've solved those problems in a very integrated way, and with a very small footprint."
Dangerous Music co-owner and electronics designer Chris Muth has spent over 20 years working as a chief studio technician in top recording and mastering studios, including New York's Hit Factory recording and Sterling Sound mastering. Muth and his partner Bob Muller pioneered the concept of the dedicated analog summing buss for digital audio workstations with the Dangerous 2-Bus in 2001. At Sterling and other top mastering studios Muth designed and built the core equipment including monitor controllers, analog transfer consoles, and digital routers.
Pricing and Availability:
The Dangerous Music D-Box is scheduled to be available in Q1 2007 from select dealers in the USA and worldwide. It is targeted to sell for under $1400 USD.
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