Complete Music Production Systems For Guitarists

US M-Audio ships GuitarBox packages combining Black Box and Pro Tools M-Powered      20/10/06

Complete Music Production Systems For Guitarists

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M-Audio have announced shipment of the new GuitarBox and GuitarBox Pro complete music production systems for guitarists.
Both systems combine two award-winning products—the M-Audio Black Box and Pro Tools M-Powered software. Both also feature a suite of 7 Bomb Factory plug-ins, 33 DigiRack plug-ins, Digidesign Xpand! virtual instrument, Pro Tools Method One instructional DVD and Ableton Live Lite Digidesign Edition. The GuitarBox ships with the G-Rack premium plug-in effects bundle including SansAmp PSA-1 amp- and cabinet-modeling plug-in, Tel-Ray Variable Delay, Moogerfooger bundle, Voce Chorus/Vibrato and Spin and TL Space Native Edition convolution reverb.
The GuitarBox Pro ships with the more extensive G-Rack Producer premium plug-in effects bundle including all of the G-Rack plug-ins, plus the Fairchild 660 and 670 boutique tube-modeled compressors/limiters, Pultec Bundle vintage tube-modeled EQs, Maxim mastering limiter/sound-level maximizer, and DINR LE noise reduction plug-in to remove noise or buzz from pickups.
Adam Castillo, marketing director at M-Audio told us, “The Black Box and Pro Tools M-Powered complement each other as incredible power tools for guitar processing and music production, respectively. Combined, they form a complete professional solution for guitarists embracing cutting-edge, computer-based recording. Add the G-Rack and G-Rack Producer premium effects bundles to the already stunning array of 45 Bomb Factory and DigiRack plug-ins and the value in these packages is simply unmatched. The GuitarBox and GuitarBox Pro have it all—signature tone, groundbreaking effects, huge beats, seamless integration and the industry standard in music production software.�
About the Black Box
Co-designed by Roger Linn, the Black Box is now reloaded with 40 amp models—including incredible emulations of many of the greatest guitar amps of all time. It also incorporates over 120 unique and inspiring effects, many of which are rhythmic and beat-sync to Pro Tools M-Powered. Users can dial in the perfect patch for recording, then bring that sound to their gigs because it’s where they want it—in the Black Box, not at home in their computer. A built-in microphone preamp is also included for recording and processing vocals and acoustic instruments. Seamless connection to Pro Tools M-Powered on a Mac or PC makes the Black Box the ultimate choice for recording guitarists.
  • 40 realistic models of the greatest amps of all time
  • 121 effects for incredible creative versatility
  • Effects sync to tap tempo or Pro Tools M-Powered
  • Built-in 24-bit USB audio interface connects directly to your computer
  • 100 drum patterns and guitar tuner built in
About Pro Tools M-Powered
Pro Tools M-Powered gives musicians the industry-standard audio production software used by recording professionals the world over. This robust system delivers everything musicians need to take their music from idea to final mix. Pro Tools and Pro Tools M-Powered users are members of the largest professional recording community in the world. Once a user knows how to make music with Pro Tools M-Powered, they also know how to make music with all Pro Tools systems. Sessions are compatible with all current Pro Tools systems, making it easy to collaborate with other musicians or take project sessions to world-class pro studios.
  • Industry-standard audio/MIDI production environment
  • 32-track audio recording (Expandable to 48 tracks with optional Music Production Toolkit), editing, and mixing up to 24-bit/96kHz
  • Session compatibility with all current Pro Tools systems
  • Unique Beat Detective LE automatic groove analysis and correction tool
  • Powerful yet easy to learn and use
Pricing and Availability:
GuitarBox and GuitarBox Pro are currently shipping at MSRPs of $495.95 and $695.95, respectively. More information:

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