AES06SF: Mackie TT24 Add-Ons Announced

US Digital Snake and Lake Processor expansion options to ship in December 2006      09/10/06

AES06SF: Mackie TT24 Add-Ons Announced

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Mackie have announced final pricing and availability for two eagerly anticipated add-on options for the TT24 Digital Live Console. Available through authorized Mackie dealers in December are the DS3232 Digital Snake and U100Networking Card, as well as the LP48 Lake Processor Card, which, say Mackie combine to further establish the TT24 as the most progressive and complete professional digital mixing system in its class.
Mackie Brand Group Director John Boudreau had this to say, “We are committed to the ongoing development of the TT24 and to bringing even greater levels of professional performance to the small/mid-format digital mixer category.These additions enable functionality that is simply not available anywhere near the price of a well-equipped TT24.
For example, by simply adding a LP48 Lake Processor card to the TT24, you can drive a system as complex as an EAW KF760 line array. The LP48 applies award-winning Lake processing using EAW-specific presets. This complete mix system would come in well under $9,000 (US). Similarly, a designer could install a U100 Networking Card in a TT24, run up to 300 feet of standard Ethernet to our rack mounted DS3232 snake, and have a completely recallable 32x32 mix system including the mic gain. The TT24 is the first digital mixing system to offer that type of functionality for well under $15k at full retail.
Since the TT24 features two expansion slots, system designers can also combine multiple option cards for specific applications. “A snake and lake card could be combined into a system which would feature remote capability and loudspeaker processing. A higher channel count system can be achieved by using a snake and a UFXII card. In this scenario, the snake provides 32x32 remotely and the onboard 24 mic/line channels are available locally for a 56x32 system. Basically, the upgrades allow the TT24 system to service a much wider array of applications.� The UFXII DSP card began shipping in late 2005. Mackie anticipates that the following new TT24 add-on options will begin shipping to dealers throughout the United States in late fourth quarter of 2006, with full retail availability by December. International shipping will begin shortly after.
DS3232 Digital Snake with U100 Networking Card
The DS3232 Digital Snake (MSRP: $4999.99) provides 32x32 channels of balanced XLR I/O and connects to the TT24 Console via standard CAT-5 cable (up to 300 feet in length). The Digital Snake features 32 state-of-the-art mic preamps and converters in a stage box, and provides remote control and recall of the input gain from the TT24 console. The U100 Networking Card (MSRP: $899.99) allows the TT24 to communicate with proprietary external devices including the DS3232.
LP48 Lake Processor Card
The LP48 Lake Processor Card (MSRP: $1299.99) brings award-winning Lake processing to the TT24 in three possible configurations. First, the card can be configured in Lake Loudspeaker Processor mode as a 4 input by 8-output loudspeaker processor to provide eight channels of balanced analog output with line drive capability. Second, it can provide the user with up to 10 channels of Lake-designed insert EQ processing including the true response Lake Ideal Graphic EQâ„¢ and Lake Mesa EQâ„¢ with asymmetrical filters. Finally, users can configure the card with 5 channels of insertable EQ processing, as well as a 2-input by 4-output Lake Loudspeaker Processor.
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