AES06SF: Make Your Own Mini SSL

US X-Rack gets new Master Bus and Line Input Modules      07/10/06

AES06SF: Make Your Own Mini SSL

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Completing the evolution of the XLogic X-Rack into a fully independent modular mixing environment, Solid State Logic has announced two new modules for the X-Rack system: the Four Channel Input, a four mono line input module and the Master Bus, a summing, metering and control room module. Together the new input and output modules allow users to build a multi input, dual stereo bus mini SSL with Total Recall.
Four Channel Input
The new Four Channel Input module takes four line-level mono signals, each with their own solo, volume and pan controls and provides options to route them into either the X-Rack Master Bus or Record Bus. Each input also has its own insert point to integrate other X-Rack modules (or outboard units), that can be switched into the signal path. Combining multiple Four Channel Input modules, a 28 input, dual stereo SuperAnalogue mix bus can be created in a single X-Rack chassis.

Master Bus
The new Master Bus module allows control of the X-Rack’s internal stereo Master & Record busses, as well as providing studio control room monitoring. It has mix insert and insert sum points, mono compatibility check, and metering of the master out. In addition to this it can be connected to two pairs of speakers (main/mini), and provides dedicated controls for level, dim, and cut.

Xlogic X-Rack
Since its introduction in 2003 the XLogic product range of 19� rack mounting Channel Strip, EQ & Processing hardware has brought the SSL sound within reach of commercial and project studios worldwide.
The X-Rack is a modular rack system that offers users the ability to configure their own combination of processing modules within the X-Rack framework that incorporates SSL’s unique Total Recall capability. Featuring the same SuperAnalogue processing as the XL 9000 K Series console, users can also specify any of the other three current modules:
  • Mic/Line/Guitar input—designed to handle the varied input needs of the project studio.
  • Channel EQ—brings the legendary SSL twin-curve E and G series EQ from the large-format SSL consoles into an affordable package.
  • Dynamics—incorporates SSL’s coveted ‘in-line’ compressor/limiter, gate/expansion with a number of options for hard or soft knee operation and peak, or RMS sensing—the first time ever available outside of an SSL console.
SSL say this combination makes it ideal as a stand alone processing solution for studio or live applications, or working with the flexible inserts of an AWS 900+ to provide a complete ancillary ‘SSL’ channel processor resource for the console. They say that the release of the new line input and output modules turns this versatile system into a fully independent modular mixing environment that is perfect for the demands of workstation based project studios.
Pricing and Availability:
The Four Channel Input module sells for $925.
The Master Bus module has a selling price of $1,110.
Both modules are now shipping.
As of 1st October 2006, the cost of a bare bones X-Rack, consisting of the rack unit itself, power supply and the unique Total Recall parameter reset system, has been reduced from $2,495 to a selling price of $1,785.
To accompany the X-Rack price revision, SSL has also announced the ‘Trade Me In’ discount scheme. If you purchase an X-Rack (from a participating dealer from the end of September 2006) loaded with less than the maximum eight modules, the blank panels covering each of the remaining empty module spaces will be printed with a bar code that can be used as a ‘discount voucher’ worth 10% off an individual X-Rack module.
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