AES06SF: Two LA2As In One Box

Universal Audio shows off the 2-LA-2 Twin T4 Leveling Amplifier      06/10/06

AES06SF: Two LA2As In One Box

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Universal Audio have announced the development of the 2-LA-2 Twin T4 Leveling Amplifier. Based on the classic LA-2A design, the new 2-LA-2 offers two linked or independent channels and two T4 optical compression cells per channel, greatly expanding the uses of the original LA-2A.
Mike Barnes, VP of Marketing for Universal Audio told Sonicstate, "The 2-LA-2 is a feature-enhanced stereo evolution of the classic LA-2A sound redesigned to fit neatly into a 2U rack. Uniquely, the 2-LA-2 offers twin T4 cells (one fast and one slow) on each channel which means the 2-LA-2 can be used in conventional dual mono "classic" mode or in fast recovery mode as a stereo bus or drum group compressor which opens up many potential new uses of the LA-2A sound in recording, broadcast and live sound markets. "
2-LA-2 Key Features:
  • Sound and circuit of the original Teletronix LA-2A
  • Matched slow and fast optical T4 modules
  • Linked stereo or dual mono operation
  • 2U Rack, Custom UA Transformers, audiophile components
  • Designed by original UREI® engineer, Dennis Fink
Dennis Fink, Chief analog designer on 2-LA-2 had this to say, "With ten tubes and four T4 gain reduction modules, the 2-LA-2 is a real breakthrough in optical compression.The real design challenge was to retain all the essence of the ‘LA’ sound within a brand new circuit layout and squeeze it into the desired standard 2U rack. While the 2-LA-2 is not an exact component clone of our classic hand-wired LA-2, this new product created a great opportunity to evolve the next generation of the LA optical compression sound. By adding some extra unique features such as the twin socketed T4 cells on each channel, the 2-LA-2 even allows hardcore tweakers to substitute T4 modules to ‘tune’ compression."
Pricing and Availability:
The 2-LA-2 will ship worldwide in Q1 2007. Final pricing will be announced at the time of first customer ship but as with the 2-1176, UA say they will offer a significant discount over purchasing two classic units. More information:

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