AES06SF: Love Analogue And Work Digital

US SSL introduces Duality large-format production console      06/10/06

AES06SF: Love Analogue And Work Digital

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Solid State Logic have announced the release of Duality a large-format production console that combines the analogue sonics of legendary SSL E, G & K Series consoles with extended Digital Audio Workstation integration capabilities. SSL say that Duality is the next generation console for those who love analogue but work digital.
Here’s all the details in their own words…
Designed to closely integrate with your workstation of choice, Duality offers a wealth of creative and sonic options. The console has a unique split channel path that enables channel processing to be placed in the input or monitor path of the workstation. In addition to a SuperAnalogue mic amp, each channel features a Variable Harmonic Drive input stage designed to add analogue character to soul-less workstation outputs. A 2nd to 3rd harmonic drive control provides a range of tones, from the warmth of 50’s tubes to the ‘edge’ of 70’s transistors.
There are both E and G series equalizers and peak sensing or RMS /over-easy compression to choose from. Duality offers VCA style or moving fader automation and complete control over DAW parameters from the console channel rotaries. There are multiple stereo busses or multiple 5.1 stems to make the best use of a full set of 5.1 pan/positioning controls on each channel.
Duality features an engineer-familiar hardware control surface and adds TFT display across all channels to provide comprehensive visual feedback on signal levels, channel settings, system configuration & routing to deliver highly efficient multi operator Total Recall™. Duality is the analogue console for the digital age, all for a price point that’s half of its equivalent K-Series sister console.
As digital audio workstations (DAWs) changed forever the traditional workflow for professional audio production, Solid State Logic quickly saw that the perfect production tool for this new paradigm would combine a comprehensive controller and world-class analogue console facilities such as signal processing and monitoring.
Duality is designed to realize this vision for elite audio professionals and contemporary recording facilities, providing a range of new advanced features over and above the ground breaking AWS 900 console that has proven this vision for more than 200 users worldwide.
With an order book that’s full until 2007, and consoles being delivered co-incident with this release, Duality is already a commercial success, proving that it’s the way forward for DAW based facilities looking to bring professional production values to new projects.
Some of Duality’s Key Features
NEW Dual Mic Pre’s
– In addition to the pristine ‘get out what goes in’ sound of the XL 9000 K SuperAnalogue™ Mic pre, each channel features a VHD™ mic pre. The unique ‘Variable Harmonic Drive’ circuitry introduces controlled distortion of either second or third harmonic, providing variable valve-type warmth on every channel. NEW Split Channel Path
– A new approach to signal flow that replaces the in-line concept and enables channel processing resources to be placed in the input or monitor path. This means any desired combination of analogue channel processing can be used in conjunction with the DAW record path, while monitoring the rest of the signal path through the console remains extremely simple.
NEW Comprehensive Surround
– Duality features the most comprehensive and powerful 5.1 panning ever offered as standard on an analogue console. Every channel includes dedicated controls for LR/LCR, divergence, front/back position & LFE level. Duality features four 5.1 stem busses in addition to the main 5.1 bus, a facility that usually requires heavy modification to accomplish in an analogue console. Duality also features a versatile 5.1 master bus compressor with a selection of average or peak channel sensing side-chain control.
Workstation Control
– A high-resolution, digitally controlled gain element in each channel allows the motorized faders to be switched to control any DAW that supports the HUI or Mackie Control protocols, while retaining the analogue signal path. Duality features large-format, high-quality, high-resolution faders that bring true precision to DAW control. The faders and their associated Channel Rotary Encoders provide direct control of DAW faders, pans, sends, input and output routing.
NEW Constant Visual Feedback
– Large TFT displays across all channels and center section deliver unprecedented visual feedback on input source, signal level, output routing, DAW status, processing order, channel routing and split channel architecture. A new Eyeconix feature offers the ability to use icons and images as track markers for simple, at a glance identification of track source.
SuperAnalogue & More
– Part of the duality of this new console is the way it sounds. SSL’s renowned SuperAnalogue circuit design uses revolutionary DC-coupled circuitry provide the holy grail of ultra-wide and flat frequency response, extremely low distortion and an almost un-measurable noise floor. This bus and channel signal processing technology is coupled with the VHD (Variable Harmonic Drive) circuitry to bend this wonderful ‘straight wire’ performance and thus warm up pure, clean digital signals, bringing the soul of early analogue recordings to 21st century production technology.
Channel Routing Tile
– Central soft switch assignment of channel processing (EQ/dynamics) is available on one, many or all channels, recallable via ‘Instant Reset.’ Use of central soft switching delivers improved operational flexibility and significantly reduces long-term maintenance.
NEW Multi Operator TR
– Display of Total Recall settings on large TFT displays across the meter bridge for all channels and center section enables several operators to work simultaneously to recall analogue settings in a fraction of the time previously required.
NEW Session Management
– Studio browser session management software provides one-stop external archiving and retrieval of automation and Total Recall data.
– Power consumption has been reduced by 50%, so the power supplies can be built into the console, eliminating the need for a separate air conditioned machine room, cutting the bottom line and helping protect our environment.
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