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TC Electronic releases software update for G-System guitar effects processor      05/10/06

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TC Electronic have announced the immediate availability of version 2.0 software for the TEC award nominee and 2006 MIPA award winning G-System. The free update adds intelligent pitch shifting and greatly improves preset and MIDI functionality, thus, say TC, solidifying G-System as the new standard in floor based integrated guitar effects management solutions.
Uffe Kjems Hansen, TC Electronic’s Vice President of Product Management, told us “We value the principles of customer derived solutions, and the optimization of this software update has user input all over it, truly making it a synergy of technology and passion.�
Here’s what TC have to say about the G-System in their own words…
Released in 2005, the G-System was the first product to combine over 25 top quality effects, loops and power supplies for analog pedals and relays for amp switching, all packed in a beautiful road ready housing. While the G-System in itself is a testimonial of TC quality and design, TC has raised the bar even higher and made the G-System even more versatile with this new update.
The renowned intelligent pitch from the legendary TC Electronic processor, G-Force, is now available for the G-System through this update. The intelligent pitch allows users to choose a scale and then tie the pitches to the notes played, creating sounds and harmonies truly out of this world. Through new features like factory preset lock, players can lock or disable all factory presets assuring that no matter how hectic the gig gets, only their own presets will come up. Another new feature, volume and expression pedal input response, allows users much more flexibility when using expression and other pedals with G-System.
The MIDI functionality of the G-System has also been improved and now sets a new industry standard. MIDI clock synchronization allows users to remote control the tempo of the G-System. This means total control of time-based effects like delay and tremolo through an external device using MIDI clock. Also, MIDI control change can now be stored in presets, facilitating control of external devices such as loopers and switchers. This results in even further integration of guitar rigs with the G-System. The update also allows for MIDI continuous controllers to be used in a latch/unlatch fashion, allowing users to make the exact changes they want every time, even when using MIDI control change. Tap tempo MIDI Out gives the user control of an external MIDI device with the tap tempo footswitch on their G-System.
In other features, loop levels now go down to 0dBu, compression out levels go as low as -100dB, there is a new constant dry signal mix strategy in all effects and a new wah-wah filter accuracy at 48 bit resolution.
Pricing and Availability:
The new software version 2.0 will ship with all current G-System units and can be downloaded free of charge from TC Electronic’s support site by all who are using previous versions.
More information:

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