Battery Power Increased

US Native Instruments announces Battery 3 drum and percussion sampler      14/09/06

Battery Power Increased

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Native Instruments have announced Battery 3, a significant revision of its popular drum and percussion sampler. NI tell us that the addition of time-stretching and advanced loop capabilities, innovative "play parameters", a powerful master effects section and an integrated wave editor all serve to strengthen the role of Battery as the premier creative drum and percussion sampler, with an enormous library of more than 100 high-quality drum kits providing a wealth of studio-quality material for all styles and genres.
Battery 3 is based on a powerful new sampling engine that , say NI, offers high-quality time stretching and a new "Beat Mode" for improved loop-handling capabilities, enabling musicians to get the most out of any sample library. They tell us that Battery 3 can also turn programmed beats into dynamic performances through new "articulations" that allow for authentic real-time flams, drags and rolls, while the "humanize" function can now add a subtle natural feel.
The customizable cell matrix in Battery 3 has been extended to hold up to 128 sounds per kit, while color coding of cells now provides a better overview. A new wave editor offers direct surgical access to any individual sample in Battery Y on-the-fly, opening up an additional powerful level of in-depth customization and creative sound shaping.
While the existing cell-specific effect section has been further improved in Battery 3, NI say that the new version also adds a comprehensive master multi-effect section that is especially useful both for sound design and for live use. Equipped with high-quality filter, dynamic and delay algorithms, the master effect section also incorporates a high-end convolution reverb that can even accept individual drum kit cells as impulse sources via easy drag-and-drop assignment, opening up a new resource of creative sound shaping and experimentation.
Battery 3 ships with a huge and highly versatile sound library that includes more than 100 unique and ready-to-use drum kits, spanning a huge musical spectrum from jazz and rock to hip-hop and techno, and including a wide range of exotic ethno-percussion and special effects assortments. The library is based on over 23.000 individual samples, with both kits and samples becoming more accessible through a significantly enhanced sound browser in Battery 3. NI say that creating and customizing drum kits has also become much more convenient due to a new "cell library" that holds more than 2.500 individual drum cells, all pre-categorized according to their musical role and application.
Pricing and Availability:
Battery 3 will be available in October 2006 for a suggested retail price of $ 219 USD / 199 Euro from authorized dealers and in the NI Online Shop. An update for owners of will be available for $ 119 USD / 99 Euro.
Battery 3 is also a part of the Komplete 4 product bundle, which will in turn be available as a free update for all owners of Komplete Care 2006.
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