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MXL microphones and Tascam announce strategic alliance      05/09/06

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MXL Microphones has announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with TASCAM, the professional audio division of TEAC America. Under terms of the agreement, MXL will supply microphones to TASCAM to be sold under the TASCAM brand name. The two companies’ cooperative venture will commence with a new TASCAM-branded microphone that will be sold as an individual product offering in addition to being sold as part of a system package.
System packages, or bundles, have proven very popular with consumers, as they frequently take the guesswork out of purchasing technologically sophisticated equipment. With bundles, the prospective customer knows in advance the various system components are designed to work together, and this provides a comfort level that doesn’t exist when individual items must be selected.
According to Rick McClendon, TASCAM Division Manager, “The desktop recording environment can be a rather intimidating place to the beginning and intermediate level user. As a result, there’s a very definite trend to offer complete package solutions that make the process easier. One of TASCAM’s strengths lies in its ability to produce computer interfaces for recording applications. Hence, creating a system package makes good sense. So in addition to selling this new microphone as a stand-alone product offering, we’ll also be bundling the mic with a computer interface and recording software, plus a desktop mic stand and a cable.�
In addition to increasing its already sizeable distribution network, the alliance with TASCAM affords MXL the opportunity to align itself with one of the most highly recognizable names in the home and studio recording marketplace. By combining their efforts, the two companies gain greater access to a rapidly expanding market that encompasses not only home and project studio recording, but also audio for multimedia and podcasting.
Wayne Freeman, MXL’s Director of Sales and Marketing, commented on the new relationship between the two companies, “I believe MXL’s strategic alliance with TASCAM enables both companies to offer more complete product offerings in the exploding and highly competitive market for desktop recording. Both companies have solid reputations for manufacturing innovative, reliable recording tools, and together, I’m convinced the consumer is the ultimate winner.�
TASCAM’s McClendon was equally enthusiastic about the new relationship with MXL, “We’re very excited about moving forward on this project with MXL. Both companies have a solid presence in the recording market, and by pooling our efforts, I’m convinced both companies stand to benefit significantly. I believe that, together, we have the foundation for a great strategic alliance.�
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