Behringer USB Guitar Shipping With NI amp Sims

US The iAXE393 USB-Guitar is now shipping with a special Behringer edition of Native Instruments Guitar Combos      14/08/06

Behringer USB Guitar Shipping With NI amp Sims

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Behringer have announced that their iAXE393 USB-Guitar will be available immediately around the globe with an exclusive software package developed by Native Instruments.
Unveiled at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in April 2006 (see our earlier news story), the iAXE393 USB-Guitar connects directly to the computer (either PC or Mac) through its built-in USB port, allowing jamming and recording out-of-the-box. The guitar features a maple neck with three single-coil pickups, five-way switching and an integrated headphones jack. Alternatively, the iAXE393 USB-Guitar can also be played with any real amplifier. Additional software which comes bundled with the iAXE393 USB-Guitar gives the user enhanced editing and recording options. These include ultra-low latency ASIO drivers for PC, KRISTAL Audio Engine Multitrack production software and Audacity audio editor.
To provide the iAXE393 USB-Guitar with an array of virtual amplification and modeling options, Behringer have collaborated with Native Instruments to develop a special edition of the highly popular Guitar Combos which emulates three classic tube combo amps -Vox, Fender and Marshall models – and aims to provide players with an authentic, warm and dynamic sound. The exclusive Behringer Edition is enhanced with Tapedeck and Metronome functions for easy recording and practice.
The Behringer Edition Guitar Combos software package bundled with each iAXE393 USB-Guitar features fully functional demo versions of the three Native Instruments’ amp emulations, each consisting of amplifier with speaker and integrated effects. Behringer customers can use the coupon that is packaged with the iAXE393 USB-Guitar to download one of the Behringer Edition Guitar Combos for free from the Native Instruments website.
The three Combos available are, in Behringer's words:
  • Guitar Combo I: the sound that revolutionized British pop music
  • Guitar Combo II: the clean and crunchy unmistakable blues sound
  • Guitar Combo III: the sound of rock legends of the late 60’s and 70’s
Michael Deeb, CEO of Behringer told us, “We are very excited to offer the iAXE393 USB-Guitar with the Guitar Combos Behringer Edition, since this product results from a close co-operation between Native Instruments -- a pioneer and market leader in the field of software instruments and a key player in computer based audio production technology -- and Behringer. This combination of Native Instruments’ unrivalled expertise in their field, coupled withBehringer’s quality gear, will deliver unprecedented value to our customers�.
Pricing and Availability:
$149.99 USD, £93 GBP More information:

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