Pro Tools HD 7.2 Ships

US Form an orderly queue please      03/08/06

The new update for Digidesigns flagship DAW product has hit the streets and features a dramatically enhanced feature set, including a comprehensive automation package, extended video capabilities, new workflows and multi-channel field recorders, built-in dubber/stem recorder functionality and the new SignalTools™ DigiRack™ metering plug-ins. "We worked closely with a wide variety of audio professionals and based the Pro Tools HD 7.2 feature set on their real-world needs – especially the audio and video editing improvements, field recorder metadata support, stem recording and comprehensive mixing automation," says Digidesign Senior Product Manager Danny Caccavo, himself an Emmy award-winning editor and mixer. "The results are so broad-reaching; this release will benefit post and music professionals alike. This is one of the most feature-rich Pro Tools releases ever." Pro Tools HD 7.2 software boasts significant enhancements to both mixing and automation, including new VCA-style groups, pan grouping, plug-in parameter linking, flexible new automation modes and additional new functionality for ICON users, such as VCA fader spill, two-knob surround panning and much more. Extended digital video functionality includes the ability to cut video along with audio and create multiple video tracks and playlists within a single session. For fast review and approval, Pro Tools HD 7.2 software allows users to bounce video and audio to a QuickTime movie. Most common QuickTime resolutions – including H.264 – can now be played back through Avid Mojo® or AVoption|V10™. With support for multi-channel disk-based field recorders, Pro Tools HD 7.2 software introduces a unique new workflow that dramatically simplifies the process of switching to alternate channel source audio in a post session. And with its new “DestructivePunch� recording mode, Pro Tools HD 7.2 software transforms any Pro Tools|HD system into a full-fledged dubber/stem recorder. In addition, Pro Tools HD 7.2 software includes the new SignalTools suite of multi-channel metering plug-ins and a number of usability enhancements, including contextual menus and enhanced fade editing and manipulation.
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