SNAMM06: Vintage Keyboard Collection For Kontakt

Scarbee launches Vintage Keyboard Collection and Keyboard Gold Bundle for Kontakt 2.11/Kompakt      23/07/06

SNAMM06: Vintage Keyboard Collection For Kontakt

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Scarbee have released Vintage Keyboard Collection and Keyboard Gold Bundle for Kontakt 2.11/1.5.3 and Kompakt. This version includes both a 16 bit version - suitable for live use with Laptop or Muse Research Receptor and a 24 bit version suitable for Studio use. Also included for Kontakt 2.11 are module graphics of all instruments with various controls directly available for the user.
Scarbee VKC includes the RSP73 - sound of "Stage 73 Mk1" - and WEP - sound of Wurlitzer 200A - electric pianos, as well as two new instruments wh - the 'D6-C - sound of Hohner Clavinet D6, and the rare 'N-HP' - sound of Hohner Pianet N.
The D6-C has samples for each of the 4 standard pickup settings: DB, DA, CB, CA - in both a standard version and a version with mutebar switched ON
. With the D6-C, Scarbee has introduced their own 'Horizontal Release Technology', whereby release samples are chosen from the wave pool depending on how long a key has been held - allowing a staccato played note to create a different release tone to a note which is sustained for a longer period. To achieve this, each key sampled on the D6-C has 24 release samples assigned to it alone.
The D6-C also makes use of advanced triggering options to allow the inclusion of the occasional 'off center' string strike, a well known characteristic of the original instrument. Sampled, mapped and programmed with great love and slavish attention to detail, the Scarbee Vintage Collection presents all of these classic electro mechanical instruments in their ultimate form.
  • 11 GB multisampled content with full decay and no loops
  • 18.000 individual samples
  • Includes both a 16 bit and a 24 bit version.
  • Instrument graphics for Kontakt 2.1
  • Ultra realistic sound and feel
  • Original Instrument Noise can be adjusted in level.
  • Horizontal Release Sampling on D6-C and N-HP finally making these instruments sound like the real thing.
  • All instruments have been carefully programmed so that they perfectly emulate the feel/volume of various key-zones of the original instruments.
Price and Availability
Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection will be priced $299 and is shipping now.
Various upgrade and crossgrade options are offered for current users.
More information and demos:

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