SNAMM06: JazzMutant Releases Lemur Version 1.5

Multitouch surface controller gets major update      21/07/06

SNAMM06: JazzMutant Releases Lemur Version 1.5

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JazzMutant have announced that they have released version 1.5 of their Lemur multitouch surface controller. As they’ve supplied us with a long and detailed press release we feel it’s best to reproduce it in it’s entirety – so here we go…
Officially released in July 2005, the Lemur Multitouch Surface Controller has been adopted by a constantly growing number of audio engineers, sound designers, composers, performers, djs, vjs, light and show control designers, multimedia artists and researchers. Since its first release, the software has evolved significantly and the Lemur's features have been dramatically improved.
Now, a year later, JazzMutant's latest update to the Lemur demonstrates a new giant step forward in the realm of controlling pleasure and efficiency. If the Lemur was already acclaimed as the most innovative and versatile controller available today it is now even more powerful and still easier to integrate into your studio or live setup.
Import fully-packed and ready-to-use modules, take advantage of the constantly growing template library or design interfaces from scratch. Complete control with visual feedback via bi-directional MIDI and OSC data flow coming along with easy MIDI and OSC assignment including live automation display - to name a few - the new features of Lemur Version 1.5 make it a breeze to achieve stunning interfaces that will open new ways of novel control .
Explore these new features and experience how the Lemur can control popular audio, video and media software.

JazzEditor 1.5
Designing interfaces for the Lemur has never been easier - the workflow never been so smooth.
Version 1.5 features a highly improved JazzEditor with revised workspace that provides a much more efficient way to design your personal interfaces and permits to easily route your control data - MIDI and OSC - to your applications on one or more computer. Customizable window tabs allow you to keep your editor window well organized all the time.
You can now group objects, align or change properties of all grouped objects at once and map the various object outputs to the whole range of MIDI messages - including detailed parameter adjustments such as pitch, velocity, scale and range. Not only does the Lemur give you exceptional possibilities it does also come with the right tools to do things in a snap.
Within the MIDI and OSC tabs you can assign an object or a variable to an existing OSC or MIDI target by a single click. Mapping complex multi-dimensional objects to any kind of OSC and MIDI messages is now just a matter of seconds. The custom MIDI object gives you even more options for complex MIDI mapping involving the several objects' states.
Templates and Modules
The Lemur comes bundled with full-featured interfaces to control DAWs, MIDI synthesizers or DJ and VJ software. Modularity is the key feature here enabling you to reorganize, remap or expand on these works as you see fit.
Lemur Version 1.5 introduces the concept of re-usability. The new Import/Export feature of Modules allows you to store your favourite interface components and reuse them in other contexts. Modules can comprise of a single customized object or a complex ensemble of objects and variables interacting with each other - e.g. neatly packed inside the new ContainerObject.
You can import and make use again of that crazy MIDI keyboard you designed for a project months ago and integrate it into your current template. Via the JazzMutant User Library users can easily share and discuss Lemur modules, interfaces or entire projects.
Added objects of your desire - The new Container, Knob and SurfaceDisplay Objects
For your controlling pleasure we've expanded the Lemur's object library with some neat additions. The new utility ContainerObject helps you to organize the hierarchy of your interfaces and integrates full-functional sub-interfaces into your templates with easy copy and paste.
The new space saving KnobObject is coming in two flavours: the classic mode constrained between zero and one and the convenient endless mode that comes in handy for DAW plug-in selection or jog dial control.
Speaking of DAWs the expected SurfaceDisplayObject emulates traditional control surface LCDs by making use of the new MIDI input capabilities of the Lemur. This object displays track names, parameter changes, timecode and more incoming data, all updated in real-time by your DAW. While your average control surface is limited to a fixed amount of displays the Lemur's modularity populates interfaces with a variable amount of displays, each mapped to different MIDI ports.
Templates designed to control Logic Pro, Cubase and Live - including surround mixing - are already provided in the examples package bundled with Lemur Version 1.5.
Multi Target Network Control
Take advantage of another core feature: Why limit yourself to control just a single piece of gear or software from the Lemur? You can now specify up to 8 MIDI In and MIDI Out ports for the Lemur to communicate with your setup as well as 8 different computer IPs and ports for OSC network communication. Each message generating object of the JazzEditor library can be mapped simultaneously to any pair of MIDI and OSC targets.
MIDI mapping goes way beyond simple Notes and Control Changes. Make your object send out complex SysEx messages to MIDI gear, increment counters from incoming MIDI clock ticks or generate your own Lemur clock. OSC messages are fully customizable too: You can now input any OSC address for objects to adapt smoothly to the software you want to control.
With Version 1.5 the Lemur can be remote-controlled via MIDI in addition to OSC. The bi-directional implementation allows the Lemur to emulate any control surface protocol, and keeps it's state up-to-date with your host software.
Complete Feedback: The Lemur is not limited to a fixed amount of vertical motorized faders. Every single object included in the Jazzeditor library - from alphanumeric monitors to 2D areas and graphical scopes - can be controlled externally.
As a simple example, let's imagine to record a mix of your song from the Lemur and play it back to monitor the automation data on the Lemur's screen.
Lemur Version 1.5 - New Ways of Novel Control
Create and design the control environment that simply fits your needs. Get access to your media applications and make use of their multiple features in real-time. Get connected, control and interact with your application areas. Put your hands on the Lemur - leave the mouse and go beyond.
Within a year we've updated the Lemur from Version 1.0 to version 1.5 - nevertheless the added features and values depict more than a simple number can tell.
The present Lemur is the only full featured multitouch surface controller that is able to feel home in any kind of network environment via OSC and for those critical minds that missed 100% MIDI support it is now the most flexible full featured midi controller at the same time.
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