SNAMM06: GuitarPort Rifftracker Version 2 Released

US Line 6 and Sonoma Wire Works collaboration allows guitarists to record, collaborate and publish from a single application      15/07/06

SNAMM06: GuitarPort Rifftracker Version 2 Released
The original Rifftracker - We haven't got a shot of version 2 yet...

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Line 6, and Sonoma Wire Works have announced at Summer NAMM, the anticipated release of the latest version of its computer-based recording system, GuitarPort RiffTracker.
GuitarPort RiffTracker 2 is an all-in-one rig that lets guitarists quickly record their musical ideas.
It consists of GuitarPort hardware, which connects a guitar to a PC or Mac, GearBox modeling software, and RiffWorks 2 – Line 6 Edition recording software by Sonoma Wire Works.
GuitarPort RiffTracker 2 is unique in its ease of configuration because it’s a complete hardware/software solution. GuitarPort RiffTracker 2 includes the award-winning GuitarPort hardware. This guitar-focused USB recording interface is powered by a laptop or desktop computer, and has all of the connections needed to track guitar and monitor the results using speakers or headphones. The included GearBox modeling software provides a complete amp, stompbox and effects rig based on the studio-standard, POD XT.
Designed for guitarists, GuitarPort RiffTracker 2 is designed to make recording easy and fun. With the included RiffWorks software, users can set the tempo and start recording simply by strumming their guitar. The included InstantDrummer offers authentic drummer back-up recordings and the ability to dial in the right amount of intensity and variation without typical tedious drum-machine programming. Mark McCrite, Product Line Manager, Line 6 had this to say, �Thanks to the combination of record-ready tone from GearBox, and RiffWorks intuitive recording interface, guitarists now have a simple, pro-quality setup that leaves them free to concentrate on the music instead of the technical details.�
With integrated RiffLink technology, RiffWorks 2 users will be able to jam together online with no technical challenges regardless of their platform (Windows XP or Mac OS X). RiffLink collaboration will allow multiple users to record and mix in a shared session in real-time or when they have time. Collaboration sessions can also be created as public or private. GuitarPort RiffTracker 2 also offers one click podcasting and webcasting. RiffCaster broadcasting service allows instant publishing via podcasts, webcasts, and personal web pages at the press of a button -- all with embedded Creative Commons licensing.
Doug Wright, President of Sonoma Wire Works told us, “We’ve heard several great songs produced by RiffWorks users who say it’s their first time ever recording. Many musicians post their first song on RiffCaster the same night they install RiffWorks. And now with RiffLink they can collaborate with friends, too!�
RiffTracker Version 2 is available for Mac OS X as well as Windows XP and includes RiffLink online collaboration for 30 days and RiffCaster instant podcasting technology.
Price and Availability
Available late Summer ’06 GuitarPort RiffTracker - $265.99 MSRP.
Any version of RiffWorks or GuitarPort RiffTracker purchased on or after February 1st, 2006 will be upgraded for free to RiffWorks Version 2 - Line 6 Edition.
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