SNAMM06: What the F*** Is That ?!!(part 4)

US It’s the Yamaha SVC-110SK Cello      14/07/06

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SNAMM06: What the F*** Is That ?!!(part 4)

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OK, perhaps this one doesn’t deserve the 'WTFIT" headline like some of the weird and wonderful instruments we’ve come across but it got your attention and we think it looks really cool and may look even cooler when played by an appropraitely attired female cellist. Oops! that wasn’t very politically correct of us was it?
Those of us who have worked as live sound engineers know only too well how difficult it can be to get a cello loud enough when it’s in use with a rock band. Fortunately there are some alternatives to an acoustic cello and microphone combination and Yamaha Corporation of America, Band & Orchestral Division have been showing one off at the show - The new SVC-110SK Studio Acoustic-body Cello.
Here’s what Yamaha say…‘Perfect for stage performance or studio recording as well as Silent Practice, the instrument offers realistic ‘acoustic-like’ tones and powerful sound, produced via the newly designed resonating chamber and three onboard reverb presets.
Lightweight and versatile, the SVC-110SK is convenient for travel. It comes equipped with headphones, a 9V battery and a protective gig bag that can be carried like a backpack.
In addition, the cello can be attached to an MP3 or CD player, enabling musicians to play along with their favorite songs or any other type of pre-recorded accompaniment.’
Yamaha Strings Marketing Manager Ken Dattmore told us, “The Yamaha lineup of Silent/Electric strings continues to be the popular choice for professional and student performers. Each addition has allowed players to push the envelope and broaden their musical horizons. The SVC-110SK not only meets their challenge, it surpasses it, taking our String line to the next successful level.�
Prior to the Summer NAMM show, Yamaha tell us that the cello was featured in a February performance with the Bavarian Radio Orchestra. World renowned cellist David Geringas performed a piece using the SVC-110SK that was specially written for him by Estonian composer Erkki-Sven Tüür. Yamaha say that the instrument gave Geringas tonal and dynamic possibilities not achievable on a conventional cello, while preserving its characteristic sounds.
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currently available at an MSRP of $2,795. More information:

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