Clone Any Keyboard

Open Labs ships Mimik keyboard cloning software for use with NeKo or MiKo      04/05/06

Clone Any Keyboard

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Open Labs has introduced Mimik, a new keyboard cloning software application that enables users to sample the sounds of virtually any MIDI-enabled keyboard or sound module directly into an Open Labs NeKo or MiKo keyboard station.
Based on Open Labs’ patent-pending OpenSynth technology, the Mimik software provides maximum flexibility for NeKo or MiKo users to upload music to their keyboard stations anytime, anywhere, using Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
Open Labs tell us that, in addition to sampling actual sounds, Mimik can virtually replicate intricate nuances, including keyboard after-touch, at up to 128 velocities, as well as any note range and length, and note-off sound at up to 96 KHz/32 bit samples, in both stereo and mono. The Mimik software can sample entire banks or sets of banks of MIDI sounds simultaneously with no loss of sound quality.
Joel Willard, chief software architect of Open Labs told us, “Keyboard players and studio engineers now have a universal solution for consolidating virtually all of their MIDI-enabled keyboards and sound modules into one box. Mimik is easy to use, and requires only a small amount of configuration to play and sequence your favorite cloned sounds, while using an Open Labs NeKo or MiKo keyboard station.�
The Mimik set-up is easy; users need only to plug in a few cables, set up a few basic parameters, and press the ‘clone’ button. Individual sound samples are then saved in either .WAV or .OGG formats, depending on user preference. After set-up, users can instantly play favorite sounds right out of their NeKo or MiKo keyboard stations.
We’ll leave the last word to Victor Wong, CEO of Open Labs, “Mimik is the latest innovation from Open Labs that provides cutting-edge convenience and liberates users from proprietary production technologies. Users can seamlessly integrate their entire production process into one ‘open’ box and, thanks to the NeKo and MiKo keyboard stations’ standard Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections, one can easily upload sounds wherever they are.�
Price and Availability
The Mimik software is available direct from Open Labs for $199.00
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