Digidesign Announces Virtual Katy VK Conformer Promotion

US Free version with Pro Tools|HD Core systems and DV Toolkit      25/04/06

Digidesign has announced that it has partnered with Virtual Katy Development Limited to offer a free version of their popular VK Conformer auto conform software to all purchasers of new Pro Tools|HD® Core systems and DV Toolkit 2 – a saving of $395.
VK Conformer is an auto-conform workhorse designed for conforming and nondestructively recompiling Pro Tools sessions in post production applications. Users can import an Avid Change Note or CMX 3600 Edit Decision List (EDL) into Pro Tools and conform the session to match the picture cut exactly. VK Conformer offers a powerful means of accelerating a Pro Tools post production workflow.
Features include:
  • support for EDLs and Change Notes
  • List Cleaner—eliminates unwanted elements from lists
  • Preview Mode—enables you to preview and modify region boundaries before committing to the conform
  • Conform—identifies necessary sound file changes and automatically re-syncs the Pro Tools session.
John McKay, Virtual Katy founder and head of research and development told us, “VK Conformer will shave hours if not days off the amount of time sound editors spend syncing their Pro Tools session.�
In addition, Pro Tools|HD and DV Toolkit 2 customers who receive VK Conformer will be eligible to try a free, 30-day demo of VK2, Virtual Katy’s ultimate auto-conform and change management solution. VK2 automates the process of re-editing a Pro Tools session to match updates made by picture editors working on the same project in parallel. Digidesign say that this application easily surpasses its peers in terms of processing speed, tracing, and comparison engine techniques.
John McKay had this to add, “Whereas VK Conformer is fast, VK2 is addictive. Every auto conform and change management function we could think of is in VK2. With VK2, I can pretty much guarantee that Pro Tools users will never dread another conform session again."
VK2 Features
  • Extensive format support—EDLs, Avid Cut Lists and Change Notes, and OMF®/AAF files
  • Preview Mode—preview changes before committing to the conform
  • Version History—view the entire history of a shot
  • Drag-and-drop import, including groups of lists
  • List Cleaner—parse unwanted elements or split video and audio elements
  • Analysis—compare differences between current and previous files; compare multiple lists and versions
  • Advisory—find deleted material returning to the cut
  • Enhanced processing speed—up to 2,500 edits over ten reels in one second
  • Change lists generated from EDLs—ensure accuracy even under tight deadlines
After the 30-day demo, Digidesign customers who receive VK Conformer as part of their Pro Tools purchase can upgrade to VK2 for $500, a $100 discount off the standard MSRP upgrade price of $600. Upgrade purchases can be made directly from the Virtual Katy web site or through an authorized Virtual Katy reseller. Even if they upgrade to the full version of VK 2, customers will still have a fully functioning copy of VK Conformer.
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