Digital Performer 5 Now Shipping

Six instrument plug-ins included      21/04/06

Digital Performer 5 Now Shipping

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You may have seen our story from the NAMM show on the launch of Digital Performer Version 5 and MOTU tell us that it is now shipping with many feature additions and productivity enhancements.
We have already covered the new features in detail but just to recap…
DP5 includes six new CPU-efficient, easy-to-use instrument plug-ins:
  • BassLine - analog-style monophonic bass synth. Delivers monstrous low end and instant bass lines.
  • PolySynth - retro analog-style polyphonic pad synth. Lush pads, rude squawks, twisting sweeps, classic analog.
  • NanoSampler - the easiest way to play samples. Load a sample and play it. Add filter, LFO and/or envelope.
  • Modulo - highly programmable 2-osc subtractive synth. LFOs, multimode filters, envelopes and plenty of modulation.
  • Model 12 - twelve part programmable drum module. Instant drums, hundreds of factory samples and dozens of preset kits.
  • Proton - imaginative and provocative two-op FM synth. Sparkling bells, searing leads, classic Rhodes, simple & effective FM.
Additional DP5 new feature highlights include:
  • Track Folders - organize your track lists and show or hide track groups with a single click. You can even put folders within folders.
  • Meter Bridge- monitor all inputs, outputs, busses, bundles, instruments and tracks at one glance with long-throw, scalable, responsive meters.
  • Trim, Slip, Slide & Roll tools - four new audio editing tools to speed up your edits.
  • Automatic audio voice allocation - audio engine resources are efficiently and dynamically allocated to audio tracks as needed to play and record.
  • New film scoring features - display and export streamers, flutters, punches and a visual click directly on a QuickTime movie. Trigger external hardware to display visual cues on an external video monitor.
  • Custom click - quickly program, save and use customized click patterns of any length.
  • Enhanced count off - specify in beats and measures, rather than just measures.
  • New input monitoring modes - monitor disk track inputs in line ("record safe") and choose among four different monitoring modes to suit your tracking style.
  • Waveform editor enhancements - use DP's familiar main transport and selection features, including the playback wiper. Directly edit embedded audio file tempo maps, real-time pitch correction and beat detection beats.
  • Clip-based volume and gain - Draw a volume curve on an audio clip and it stays with all instances of the clip. Add or reduce overall levels non-destructively in hundredths of a dB.
  • MIDI Keys - trigger synths, enter MIDI notes or even step record from your computer keyboard.
  • MIDI Device Setup - conveniently configure your MIDI gear directly in DP.
  • Add instrument - in one simple operation, add as many instances of an instrument plug-in as you need, with multiple MIDI tracks already assigned and everything placed together in new track folders.
  • Support for Pro Tools 7 - DP5 is fully qualified for use with Pro Tools 7 systems running DAE Version 7.1cs4 or higher. Availability
    Registered users can upgrade directly from the MOTU web site at:
  • Users of competing products can purchase the DP5 Competitive Upgrade at the MOTU website or authorized MOTU resellers.
    More information:

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