Miles Davis’ Electronic Trumpet Donated To Smithsonian

US Akai EWV2000 helped break new ground in jazz music      13/04/06

Miles Davis’ Electronic Trumpet Donated To Smithsonian
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There are many opinions out there on the likes of the Akai EWV2000. While purists might snort in disgust others will see it as a groundbreaking electronic wind instrument. Certainly its use by Miles Davis is an endorsement with impeccable credentials, so much so in fact Akai Professional have been in touch to tell us that a EWV2000 which was was played by the jazz great was donated to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History as part of Jazz Appreciation Month. The donated EWV2000 synthesizer/trumpet was used by Miles Davis during the 1980s to create new and experimental sounds.
Miles Davis, who died in 1991, is considered one of the most innovative musicians of the 20th century. His jazz-rock album, Bitches Brew, revolutionized the traditional jazz world when it was released in 1969. Davis pioneered a variety of new music styles such as cool jazz, hard pop and jazz-rock fusion.
Akai Professional CEO Jack O’Donnell told us, “We are honored that the EWV2000 has been given a place in the vast and diverse history of jazz music in the United States. At Akai, we have always pushed the boundaries of technological innovation, and we are proud to be affiliated with musicians who continue to challenge the status quo with new sounds, new styles and new music.� Not missing a trick, Akai Pro are using the event to promote the latest instrument in the series –the EWI4000S Wind Controller. Here’s what Akai have said about this in their press release…
The donation of one of Akai’s pioneering electronic wind instruments follows closely on the heels of the release of its most cutting edge product, the EWI4000S Wind Controller. This newest addition to the EWI family keeps the revolutionary soul of the original EWV, while adding an integrated analog modeling synthesizer optimized for wind control, dedicated MIDI In and Out ports, an audio output, new performance functions, internal effects processing, and computer software for editing in the home or professional studio.
Akai Professional’s new EWI4000S Wind Controller, now shipping, further confirms the company’s leadership in versatile products for the creative musician. With its internal dual voice analog modeling synthesizer, the new EWI4000S is now a self-contained performance instrument and provides easily accessible controls for breath, vibrato, glide time, and bend width—enabling players to adjust the instrument’s settings to their specific playing style. Built-in signal processing means that the EWI4000S provides reverb, delay, and chorus effects to sweeten one’s sound. And as an industry first, the new EWI4000S features a Hold Mode that sustains a note while enabling one to play around that note—making the EWI4000S the first EWI with sostenuto capability.
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