MESSE06: Yamaha A Go Go

US Yamaha announce their GO Series of Mobile Recording Solutions      29/03/06

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MESSE06: Yamaha A Go Go

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Yamaha have announced the launch of two new Mobile Recording Systems in their new portable ‘GO’ series lineup.
The two models, GO44 and GO46, offer the user a complete package of hardware and software enabling easy, yet comprehensive audio and MIDI production on a FireWire equipped computer. Designed in recognition of the migration of the musician towards smaller and more ‘laptop-friendly’ devices, these systems have been constructed for mobile use. With a robust die-cast chassis they will withstand the rigors of the intense road-abuse that mobile products demand.
Both GO44 and GO46 come supplied with a powerful dual platform software package. The heart of this software comes from the Steinberg Cubase LE application for both Mac and Windows platforms. Yamaha has also taken the pro-active step to include additional support software from IK Multimedia and Steinberg. Contained within the GO packaging are light versions Amplitube, SampleTank and SonikSynth all of which feature upgrade and crossgrade paths. Additionally, the system also includes Steinberg’s HALion SE and GrooveAgentSE software delivering an almost infinite sonic palette of sample playback and an inspirational virtual drummer. This software bundle covers all aspects of Music Production — from creative MIDI sequencing, audio recording, adding effects and mixing, all relevant software tools are included.
  • Both models can be buss powered allowing for recording and playback to be performed without mains power. Anywhere the laptop goes, GO can follow.
  • Both models also take advantage of low latency ASIO2 drivers.
  • Both models also act as MIDI interfaces to the computer with GO44 using a breakout cable and GO46 using dedicated MIDI ports.
  • Twin FireWire ports also allow for other IEEE1394 products to be connected to the buss in a daisy-chain.
The lower model, GO44, features two balanced analog jack line level inputs with a further stereo digital i/o accessible through the multipin breakout cable at the rear. Analog outputs are handled at the rear by two balanced jack outputs.

GO 44
The upper model, GO46, features front panel XLR combi-jacks that can supply switchable +48v phantom power to condenser microphones. A system however is only as good as its ‘front end’ so the GO46 mic pre-amps have been specifically designed not to compromise audio quality. As both models can record at up to 192kHz its essential that the mic pre-amps are as clean and accurate as possible and Yamaha are confident that the GO46 mic pre-amps will not disappoint. The front panel knobs allow for easy input gain control and headphone / master volume control. Around the rear the GO46 offers insert points and optical digital IO ports. Price and Availability
The new GO Mobile Audio Interfaces will be available in June 2006 with pricing to be confirmed at that stage although we believe that the GO46 will have a US retail price of $439
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