MESSE06: Plug’n Play With Edirol

Edirol Introduces Three USB MIDI Interfaces      29/03/06

Buying Choices
Edirol has introduced not one, but three USB MIDI interfaces designed, they say, so you can just plug into your computer and play. Here are the details that they have given us...

UM-1EX is a simple USB MIDI interface, with one MIDI input and one MIDI output, that connects directly to your computer. The UM-1EX’s MIDI out can also function as a MIDI thru, providing extra flexibility and functionality. The UM-1EX offers direct support for OS native drivers for Windows or Mac OS X, so no installation disk is required. It's perfect for small MIDI studios where only one MIDI device will be connected in close proximity to the computer.
  • Fast and stable MIDI data transmission realized by FPT (Fast Processing Technology)
  • 1 MIDI in, 1 MIDI out
  • MIDI Thru switch
  • MIDI signal indicators
  • Complete cable-style body from PC end to MIDI ends
  • OS native driver support
  • USB bus powered

The UM-2EX is a simple USB MIDI interface offering one MIDI input & two MIDI outputs. It offers a variety of features, including FPT (Fast Processing Technology of MIDI transmission), MIDI signal indicators, and support for OS-Standard drivers on the latest versions of Mac OS and Windows. The UM-2EX is well suited for any small MIDI studio application or portable MIDI station. The female MIDI jacks allow for any length of MIDI cable to be used, and make the UM-2EX ideal for MIDI devices placed a good distance form the computer.
  • Fast and stable MIDI data transmission realized by FPT (Fast Processing Technology of MIDI transmission)
  • Supports both advanced and standard OS drivers
  • Female in and out MIDI connectors
  • USB cable attached
  • USB bus-powered, adapter free

The UM-3EX is the most innovative mid-sized MIDI interface on the market. The expandable design of the UM-3EX makes it the ideal MIDI interface for the small studio, but allows you to daisy-chain up to three units together for a total of nine MIDI inputs and outputs. The UM-3EX can be mounted into the RAF-70, a rackmount kit, making for a clean, expandable studio installation. The UM-3EX allows you to select between MIDI Out and MIDI Thru for each output port. The UM-3EX uses FPT (Fast Processing Technology) to ensure low-latency, low-jitter MIDI transmission, even with three devices daisy-chained together.
  • 3-in/3-out MIDI ports (female)
  • Out or Thru selectable switches built-in
  • USB hub built in, and up to 3-unit cascade connection
  • Control up to 48 channels of MIDI equipment
  • Rackmountable in a RAF-70
  • Fast and stable MIDI data transmission realized by FTP
  • USB bus power (AC adaptor not required)
Price and Availability
The EDIROL UM-1EX is available at a recommended retail price of € 59
The EDIROL UM-2EX is available at a recommended retail price of € 59
The EDIROL UM-3EX is available at a recommended retail price of € 99
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