MESSE06: Native Instruments announces KONTAKT PLAYER 2

US Second generation      29/03/06

MESSE06: Native Instruments announces KONTAKT PLAYER 2
Garritan Stradivari Solo Violin in KONTAKT PLAYER 2

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There's not a great deal of news from Native Instruments at this year's show but they have announced KONTAKT PLAYER 2, the second generation of their popular platform for sample-based software instruments. Here's all the details in their own words direct from NI's press release...
Integrating the powerful functionality of the award-winning flagship sampler KONTAKT 2, the KONTAKT PLAYER 2 platform opens up new creative possibilities for instrument developers that benefit musicians and producers of all styles and genres.
With more than 70 instruments based on KONTAKT technology, and adopted by companies like Best Service, EastWest, Gary Garritan, MakeMusic and Sibelius, KONTAKT PLAYER has become the most successful platform for sample-based software instruments on the market. KONTAKT PLAYER 2 builds on this success and allows for innovative, highly playable instruments that leave existing technological and musical limitations behind.
The powerful Kontakt Script Processor (KSP) of KONTAKT 2 plays a central role in KONTAKT PLAYER 2-based instruments. The virtually unlimited flexibility of KSP allows for instruments with unprecedented functionality and musicality, including extremely authentic emulations of acoustic instruments with their natural articulations; drum and percussion instruments that include their own step sequencer; synthesizers with integrated arpeggiators and chord generators; and much more.
Further advantages offered by the KONTAKT PLAYER 2 platform are virtually unlimited polyphony and up to 64-part multitimbrality, advanced surround capabilities, integrated effects including convolution and master effects, a versatile library browser and optimized DFD technology.
The first KONTAKT PLAYER 2 instruments to be made available to musicians will be "Stradivari Solo Violin" from Gary Garritan, a breathtakingly dynamic and highly musical emulation of the legendary violin; "Chris Hein Guitars" from Best Service, an outstanding virtual guitar instrument that authentically recreates a vast range of typical playing styles; and "OTTO" from Fixed Noise, a cutting-edge electronic sound workstation designed and produced by avant-garde musician and sound designer Otto von Schirach.
"Kontakt Player technology was a keystone of the success of our award-winning Personal Orchestra", says Gary Garritan, founder of the software instrument company of the same name. "The new Kontakt Player 2 platform is an extremely exciting basis for us to work with, and we are looking forward to fully exploiting its musical capabilities in our upcoming instruments, of which the Stradivari Violin is only the first."
KONTAKT PLAYER 2 is based on the latest KONTAKT 2.1 engine, with the corresponding update for KONTAKT users scheduled for release in April 2006. The new version will add numerous improvements to KONTAKT 2, including an ultra-high quality interpolation mode, a new "Performance View", AKOUSTIK PIANO and BANDSTAND import, additional effects, and a large number of performance and usability enhancements.
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